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AAC Block: Best for Finest Construction

AAC stands for Autoclaved Aerated Concrete. This block is a certified green building stuff, which can be utilized for commercial, industrial as well as residential construction. It is spongy, reusable, non-toxic, renewable as well as recyclable.

It has been widely used in construction nowadays. Such blocks come with many salient features and they are as follows:

Quicker Construction

Since the AAC block is very simple to handle, operate as well as use, ordinary tools for cutting the wood like the drill, band saws, etc. could be easily employed to cut and align the AAC. Furthermore, the AAC blocks appear with larger sizes and fewer joints. This eventually results in quicker construction work since the installation time is drastically reduced due to fewer amounts of blocks plus the masonry amount involved is also lowered ensuing into reduced time-to-finish.


AAC block weighs almost roughly NIL as compared to the traditional red brick finally ensuing in tremendous reduction of deadweight. Besides, the decreased deadweight leads in reduction of the utilization of steel and cement which helps in much cost reduction.

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