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Bathroom Renovations

People spends hours thinking of ideas for a dream home. But things get complicated when it comes to building bathroom. Many of us think that bathroom is just a utility. But scenarios have changed with the trend over the years. Now in construction of bathroom designs, entire ambience, color theme, material used, tiles used, everything needs to be decided.

Bathrooms are now not only considered for sanitation functions but also has become a social status. Comaron Gurgaon helps you in many ways by assisting you for your bathroom renovations.

Many facts have to be kept in mind while designing a bathroom. Few points are mentioned below to note, concerning bathroom Renovations.


Size of the bathroom is not the only factor but entire bathroom size matters. So for a lavish bathroom , floor spaces with bath tub or even basic necessities have to keep in mind if the size of the space is small then fixtures have to be chosen accordingly. It is a surprise but true that single tile can change the entire look of the bathroom.


You can design your bathroom as per your preference giving it traditional look if with smaller tiles or contemporary style with larger tiles. You may also select by mixing both size tiles to draw attention which gives unique design.


You cannot ignore the color theme which goes through bathroom renovation so, choosing color smartly is very important. Color of the floor tiles, walls sanitaryware, materials used in the bathroom and texture everything counts.
Many people think that as soon as few things like tiles and sanitaryware are chosen, the job is done. You have to ensure many things when renovating like price, quality and durability. There are many things to discuss for your bathroom renovation. Comaron Gurgaon helps you with expert advice.

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