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TMT Bars

TMT bars are considered as one of them most significant construction materials that are commonly used for building houses, multi-storeyed high rise, flyovers, and bridges along with other civil engineering structures. This is for the reason that TMT bars guarantees high strength to the structures and enhance their longevity.
TMT steel bar is a newfangled variation of steel used for construction. Former people have been using TOR Steel for concrete strengthening. If we equate, Thermal Mechanically Treated bars (TMT bars) give extra benefits over the other types.

Now a days TMT bars are used in numerous engineering properties and can be used for Residential Buildings, Bridges, Dams, Industrial Establishment. It also known as TMT Saria in India. Few Benefits that makes TMT Bar more valuable are like technology used Thermo Mechanically Treated which makes its property highly ductile and gives more strength. Its unique design makes it superiorly bendable and resistant to fatigue. Its corrosion resistant property makes it more valuable in construction. The bars hold the concrete blocks to sustain construction. TMT bars are the most important part of building material required for any construction, be it residencial building, commercial building or any other industrial foundation. A few more benefits are that it can withstand earthquakes, fire and is easy to transport. TMT bars come in different types as per the requirement or the depending on the location. Sizes may vary from 6mm to 32mm and so on as per requirement. It also comes in various grades like Fe415, Fe550 and Fe600, heigher the grade strongest is the bar. All these benefits of TMT Bar make it more valuable and important component of any construction. Building a house is an important part of anyone’s dream so quality of material used and knowledge is the must. So, Comaron fulfills your dream as TMT bar provider in Gurgaon.
We can arrange all top brands such as:

  • Rathi Steel
  • Kamdhenu Steel
  • Electrosteel
  • Jindal Steel
  • JSW Neo Steel
  • SAIL
  • Tata Tiscon
  • Vizag steel
  • Supershakti TMT bar

For TMT steel bars in Gurgaon call us on: +91-83-770-440-77.

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