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UPVc Doors and Windows
UPVC Doors & Windows

UPVC is one of the world's oldest polymers. It is a cost-effective, non-toxic and environmentally efficient material used in construction, transportation, industries etc ...

Aluminium Doors and Windows
Premium Aluminium Doors & Windows

The reason for their popularity is their durability and low maintenance, thermal performance, cost effectiveness, design flexibility, finishes and recyclability ...

Gensets and Generators

Use of gensets has become quite common these days because of their fuel efficiency, low maintenance cost, long lasting design sets and other features. We can arrange all best brands ...

Gensets and Generators Lift and Elevators

They are vital for guardians, patient, guest, little children, visitors. It creates our life easier; let us work as well as go to different floors quicker, alows us to transport goods with ...

Lift and Elevators Electrical Wires, Switches and Panels
Electrical Wires, Switches and Panels

These modular switches have drawn attention from the users across the globe because of their elegance, safety, versatile and multi functionality and ...

Electrical Appliances
Electrical Appliances

You'll have the chance to add even extra appliances without upsetting about whether or not you are actually going to trip your breaker, blow any fuses, earlier than damage your existing ...

Bath Fittings
Bath Fittings

Bathroom accessories are a grand way to add, stylishness, fashion and improve the functionality of your bathroom. They should be used because of convenience ...

Bath Fittings Modular Kitchen and Wardrobes
Modular Kitchen & Wardrobes

The shelves, cabinets along with drawers of a modular kitchen present well-organized storage. The storage capabilities will assist you systematize ...

Modular Kitchen and Wardrobes Cement

Cement is really important construction stuff. It is used in the production of the numerous structures that make up the present world including buildings, harbors, bridges ....


TMT bars are considered as one of them most significant construction materials that are commonly used for building houses, multi-storeyed high rise, flyovers, and bridges along with other civil ...

AAC Blocks
AAC Blocks

AAC has been formed for more than seventy years, and it offers a number of advantages over other cement construction matters, one of the most significant being its ...

AAC Blocks Kitchen Tiles and Bathroom Tiles

They play an imperative role in interior design, setting the appearance and feel of the residence. Ceramic tiles are flexible in application and can be employed almost anywhere ...

Kitchen Tiles and Bathroom Tiles SPC and Wooden Flooring
SPC and Wooden Floorings

Such wooden flowing has brought into play nowadays because of their Healthy and environmental friendly, Waterproof, easy installation, long warranty, low maintenance features...


Wallpaper adheres simply and smoothly to walls, hiding a lot of surface imperfection. It can attach warmth, depth as well as style to a room that monotone paint just cannot ...


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