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Wooden vs Stainless Steel Modular Kitchen Analysis

Both types of modular kitchen have their own distinct features. Your decision must depend on your lifestyle, living habits, space along with budget.

Stainless steel is a pricey option almost doubles the wood that hurts your eyes. The shiny finish of stainless steel, even in its mildest type, for a whole room is too much.


Wood can be durable in case your location is not infected by termites. It can in fact work well for years without any disturbance. The builder made low quality engineered wood finished products have set wood a real bad name and thus you should know there is something that’s known as engineered wood but not half great.


The grand thing about wood is the truth that its soothing to eye as well as a kitchen needs to be so. It is supposed to be the inviting space where you expend time with your family.


If you are looking for a reasonably priced kitchen and you are lucky to live in non termite infested vicinity. Wood is the greatest structural product to go.

 If you live in an area infected by termite, STAINLESS Steel cabinet with wooden fronts is going to be a better option.

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