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Choosing Your Modular Kitchen Settings

Things are quite different for a modular kitchen as compared to those for a normal kitchen. Cabinets, layouts, countertops, pull-outs and there are many new jargons appear for you in case you go for a modular kitchen for the first time. Following points shall definitely help you to go with your modular kitchen plan and design: 


1. Recognize Your Kitchen Work Triangle
For the unskilled, a kitchen work triangle constitutes your refrigerator, sink along with hob. A large part of picking a kitchen layout is deciding how these three vital items interact with each other, i.e. the position and space between each. You can draw up a rough sketch of your kitchen space prior to thinking about the layout.


2. Perfect Counter Top Height
The standard counter height for a kitchen is typically decided by the standard height of people in a nation. In India, the counter height is normally between 820 mm to 860 mm. It’s easy for most people to work at. Make sure that the space between your kitchen cabinets and the countertop is not surplus. In case it’s too high, it may be hard for shorter people to reach to the upper shelves.


3. Select Kitchen Colors Wisely
Remember that you will require keeping up the kitchen in the longer run. It might be most excellent to avoid a complete white kitchen merely since Indian cooking tends to outcome in a lot of tough stains. All-white kitchens demand constant cleaning and are high on maintenance. However that does not mean you blindly choose bright hues. After all, darker shades attract extra heat, especially in summers. You can always prefer a combination of the two to preserve the overall harmony.

Pro tip: Take care your kitchen color goes well with your overall home interior decoration.


4. Ventilation is Key
Cooking is one action that generates a lot of heat. Make certain that your kitchen has adequate ventilation. Most kitchens contain a chimney or else an exhaust fan (or both) to vent out the frying fumes. Preferably, there ought to be a door in the kitchen which opens out to a balcony or else the washing area. This would let fresh air to come in and confirm that the smoke from the cooking doesn’t collect within your house.


5. Kitchen Lighting
Nothing can hit natural light flooding in all the way through the window to lighten up your kitchen. On the other hand, with natural light, make sure that there is great lighting in the kitchen during the evenings and night hours. Overhead lighting shall light up the countertop where most of the action takes place. Under-cabinet lights are becoming well-liked as they make available direct light on the countertop

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