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Magppie: The Indian Brand That's Changing the Way We Think About Kitchens

Magppie is not product designers, interior designers, or else any other group of designers. It is merely people who appreciate life. It creates spaces that are extra than just aesthetically attractive. It creates spaces that care for your happiness, keep you vigorous, bring people together and address your emotional requirements, so that, just like it, you can celebrate life excessively. 

Magppie is not merely a kitchen or furniture creator, but also an expertise and design company thru a focus on generating energy in the galaxy.

Everything around us is prepared from energy. While we aspect at an ignited lamp, we can observe the bulb, we can observe the lampshade, but we cannot observe the energy that provides power to this lamp to transport it to light. The group believes that energy happens in the lamp, even if it does not see it. The similar energy happens everywhere - whether in alive or in lifeless beings. Just similar to plants as well as trees engross energy from the sun, we humans engross energy from the spaces where we live. A galaxy filled by positive energy entices positive emotions despite the fact that a space filled thru negative energy entices negative emotions. The group creates a spaces filled by positive energy using shade therapeutics, kitchen gardening as well as environmentally friendly materials that disturb your well-being, mood in addition to health. It carefully selects all the things which seal your spaces from the plants you retain to the furnishings you connect. 

The group emphasises the significance of creating interiors that are in synchronization with the individuals employing them. It understands your environment, your culture as well as your lifestyle in addition to considerately articulate this understanding to generate not just a product, but an involvement around you. It creates spaces where you can have involvements that can turn out to be memories and memories that mark you happy. 


  • Magppie, began as a design led brand for first-class gifts and home accessories was inaugurated in the year 2000. This Indian initiative is a twig of 40 year old family run commerce of rolling stainless steel. It was in fact India’s first brand to make a new class of lifestyle house accessories. Ever since, it has been the greatest gifted tabletop accessory product in India. The group brought glamour to stainless steel utensils as well as evolved the section into lifestyle as well as gifting. 
  • The company set up its initial marketing office in Italy in 2001. This was additionally followed by creation of a marketing office in the Manchester state, England in 2002. In this year, it was presented the Quality Excellence in Paris. The industrial facilities of Magppie were blowout over a massive area, to safeguard an effective reply to market demands. It went forward in the world market as well as appeared as a reliable, established and admired brand. This is Magppie's initial brand video formed in the year 2003. 
  • Design soon turned out to be the DNA of Magppie culture. It invested in its world class design squad to employ the newest state of the arts software to generate exclusive designs for its client. In a short time the product was working with more than 200 prominent designers across the globe together with Karim Rashid.
  • Foreseeing the market requirement for kitchens really fit for Indian state of affairs, it ventured into the trade of modular kitchen in 2006. The corporation set up India’s main manufacturing unit reflecting a European factory. 
  • In 2007, the group was globally renowned for its involvement in the world of design. The brand turned out to be the first term from India to be privileged by “Red Dot International Design Award” in the Essen Germany
  • In 2009, the group again obtained IF International Design Award in Germany for its most inventive cocktail shaker known as 'ball shake'. 
  • In 2011, Magppie engaged French designer, Remi Bouhaniche as the design director of the group. He moved to India as well as worked meticulously at Magppie design studio and shaped many new kitchen concepts, one of the greatest famous being “Family Kitchen”.


Nowadays the brand has attained global recognition and enjoys an attendance in over 20 Countries together with Italy, Netherlands Switzerland, Denmark, Belgium, Japan, USA, Greece, Australia and so on. 

It is the merely Indian company which was bestowed the 'Red Dot Award' for 3 successive years - 2007, 2008 and 2009. This 'Red Dot Award' is one of the greatest prestigious worldwide design awards. 

Every Magppie creation is a festivity of life, an impeccable mixture of form, functionality in addition to comfort. Many of them so exciting in their inclusive presence that they are recognized as extremely prized collector's items by worldwide museums similar to Museum Of Modern Art (MOMA), San Francisco.

​The group hired designers in Italy as well as Germany to project kitchens for the Indian customer. They created appealingly beautiful designs, but that was not sufficient for Indian state of affairs. India being a hot country, with a totally different lifestyle and food habits, wanted a much more tough as well as functional kitchen. 

Then Magppie employed a research team to discover what makes the perfect Indian kitchen. Providing the kitchen a lovely skin was very natural for the company designers, but they kept inquisitive what makes the sturdier bones of an Indian kitchen. The group questioned numerous problem areas fluctuating from termites to cooktop class to drooping doors to distended panels to corroded hinges. After years of research, the group invented many new materials similar to SEB as well as Armor while resolving more than a few key issues of public Indian kitchens. Today it proudly deliver 25 years of guarantee with its kitchens. 

Within 5 years of its amalgamation in modular kitchen sector, the group became the strongest Indian trademark in the group. The class of the kitchens in addition to the B3 Design Viewpoint (Bones, Brain and Beauty) was so well obtained by the Indian customer, that soon Magppie was constructing kitchens for some of the most respected people in India.


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