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Wooden Vs Steel Modular Kitchen

The choice is a function of what you want and how much.

As designers we consider space, living habits, lifestyle, budget and required life while making a choice.

In India, we usually come across people looking for kitchens that are eternal, elegant and affordable. A combination that sadly doesnâ??t exist.

Stainless steel is an expensive choice almost double the wood that hurts your eyes. The gloss of SS, even in its mildest form, for an entire room is too much.

Wood can be durable if your location is not infected by termites. It can actually work well for years without any hassle. The builder made low quality engineered wood made products have given wood a real bad name and hence you should know there is something thats called engineered wood but not half great.

The great thing about wood is the fact that its soothing to eye and a kitchen needs to be so. It has to be the inviting space where you spend time with your family . Cooking is an all day thing in our houses and a bad place can be both frustrating and stressful. The amount of finishes hence available is a kind of choice.

So, the answer :-

If you are looking for an affordable kitchen and you are fortunate to live in a non termite infested area. Wood is the best structural product to go for and by wood I mean BWP ply as core.



If you live in an area infested by termite, I would suggest you to go for a STAINLESS Steel cabinet with wooden fronts. The cost would be lower than all SS kitchen which can be too much to withstand for entire day.


There are other products as well in the market you can go for. However, the SS and BWP ply are the best in their categories. So please donâ??t make an investment without testing.

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