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It is not an easy task to build your own house or any commercial structure it takes lots of planning, strategies, manpower, money, authority approvals and many more things, that’s why the role of construction consultant comes in.  They take care of the process which is required for the construction from preparatory to implementation.  

Role and responsibilities of construction consultant in India

  1. Civil Engineer
  2. Architect
  3. Builder
  4. Consultants


  1. Civil Engineer

As per their profession they help in to calculation of loads, strength and various effects that have to be look after while construction to avoid any physical disasters.

  1. Architect

If we talk about the design and sculpture of building then the strong planning is required before construction. So, strong knowledge and experience is required.

  1. Builder

They are responsible for the knowledge of steps and times taken of procurement of construction or building material products including manpower.

  1. Consultants

They play an important role in any construction to bring all the teams together like site engineer, project head and architect etc to avoid any gap with the owner expectation.   

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