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Elevator Solution

Various types of lift or elevator are available in the market. It’s a smart decision to choose the right elevator according to requirement. While choosing elevator you have to keep in minds that weather it is solving the purpose efficiently or not.
Few checklists before purchasing the lilt are following:

  • Elevator suitable for high rises or low rises
  • Industrial purpose or residence purpose
  • Lift uses at High Traffic location or Low traffic location
  • Passenger lift or Goods carrying lift
  • Cable lift or cable free lift
  • Traction elevator or Hydraulic elevator

Comaron Gurgaon helps you to resolve the above and makes your selection better. If you are looking elevator or high rises then the Traction Elevator is suitable and for low rises Hydraulic elevator is preferred. Frequency of lift uses is also a big concern while selecting lift or elevator. For industrial mostly lift are used which can carry heavy loads and mostly used for carrying goods but for residence you have to keep in mind that number of passenger can be carried in one go. AS the technology is getting advance day by day this can be seen in the elevator also previously hydraulic or cable lifts are replaced by cable free lift which works totally on different known as electromagnetic mechanism. Apart from that various other factor are also involve while selecting lift or elevator are price, brand, installation service or AMC. Comaron suggest you and provide the best lift solution on your fingertips.

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