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An Expert’s Guide to Flooring

Psychology has proven that we get some of our best ideas when we are in the shower. One explanation is that when you are in the bathroom, your mind and body are in a relaxed state. As a result, your mind starts to ponder about existential questions. Whether you are the next Einstein or the next pop legend, the bathroom does seem to be a place where you are all to yourself, giving you a chance to exercise your grey cells and brainstorm ideas. When it comes to choosing the flooring of a home, the bathroom requires flooring that is practical as well as stylish. It is a place where you begin and end your routine each day, so it should be well-designed and well-equipped. Not only should it look aesthetically pleasing, it should also be able to withstand extreme temperatures, humidity and moisture.
Here are some things to consider while choosing the right flooring:

  1. Consider the Patrons

    You need to consider how frequently you use the bathroom and who uses it. For example, if it is your own personal space, you can compromise a bit on the practicality and choose the flooring that suits your style and taste. However, if the bathroom is shared among your family members, you need to take their needs and safety into consideration.

  2. Set a Budget

    When it comes to flooring, it makes sense to be more realistic and decide beforehand how much you are willing to spend. Measure the area of the bathroom that needs to be tiled. Also calculate the costs of tools, installation and labour costs. If you are planning to stay in the same house for a long period of time, you may invest in flooring that is luxurious and lasts longer.

  3. Mix and Match

    The design and style of the bathroom have an effect on the overall look of the place. You should make sure that the flooring matches with the bathroom’s wall décor. There are endless options available in the market that will suit your personal style, from classic stone tiles to sophisticated glass tiles. Although there are a myriad of color and theme options, you can use your own imagination and create your own theme by experimenting with different colors.

  4. Age Does Matter!

    It is very important to consider the age of all the residents while choosing a bathroom flooring. Kids love to play and splash around in the bathroom, which makes rubber flooring a good choice as it can withstand water easily and has a softer texture. In case of elderly people, vinyl flooring is recommended as it is highly slip resistant. It is also easy to replace and looks sophisticated.

  5. Safety Concerns

    Sometimes, people tend to overlook safety while choosing the flooring. Although style and comfort are important, one must also make sure that the bathroom is safe to use. The tiles should be resistant to leaks and should be able to stand up against high temperatures and humidity. You should also consider the health concerns of the residents, such as making sure that the no one in your family is allergic to the materials used.

  6. Location of Your Home

    It is very important to consider the location of the home, as it directly affects the materials used for flooring. For example, certain wood flooring tends to shrink in regions with high humidity and temperatures. In regions which have sub-zero temperatures, concrete and stone floors become really frigid and cold, which leads to discomfort.

By using the tips mentioned above, you can get a fair idea about what you want before deciding on the flooring. So think carefully, choose wisely and get ready for your very own personal sanctuary.
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