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Designer Tiles for Indian Homes

They play an imperative role in interior design, setting the appearance and feel of the residence. Ceramic tiles are flexible in application and can be employed almost anywhere together with walls, fireplaces, ceilings as well as floors. These tiles have a number of traits that make them ideal for tiling approximately any part of the building.

They play an imperative role in interior design, setting the appearance and feel of the residence.

Ceramic tiles are flexible in application and can be employed almost anywhere together with walls, fireplaces, ceilings as well as floors. These tiles have a number of traits that make them ideal for tiling approximately any part of the building.

Tiles are the new fashion statement of a house. They are making a buzz into urban homes as most homeowners are opting for designer tiles. Using designer tiles brings life to our unpretentious and plain floors and walls while perking up our home. Designers are now coming up with fascinating prints inspired by various elements of nature, fabrics, cultural cues, metals and even some digital designs to light up the interiors of the home. Below is a list of 8 designer tiles for Indian homes that are modern and classy.

When we talk about the tiles then we have most common choice is Ceramic or Vitrified tiles. You can identify the difference between the tiles by its few basic features. Ceramic tiles are made from clay, whereas vitrified are made from clay with added minerals like quartz, silica etc. to impart better strength. Normally they cannot be identified from the glazed surface. However, they are easily identifiable from the base. Clay tiles have a brown colored base and don’t look like a stone. Vitrified tiles usually have the same color pattern throughout as is on the surface. However, their surface is glossy. On the other hand Vitrified tiles can also be identified from size. They are available in sizes usually 2 ft X2 ft or more, while ceramic tiles are available in sizes usually smaller than 2 ft X2 ft. Ceramic tiles cannot resist heavy loads such as furniture, while vitrified tiles are strong enough to withstand a lot of weight. Vitrified tiles have very less (0.5%) water absorption, whereas in case of ceramic tiles it is around 3% to 7% Bigger the tile, higher will be the thickness. Besides Vitrified and Ceramic, other types of tiles are also available few of them are following:

Wood Strip Tiles

Nothing looks more attractive in a home than wood strips. These tiles enhance the appearance and artistic appeal of the home in an unmatched manner. Wood strips give your home an authentic look, and if the furniture is also wooden, the interiors look incredible! The market has a thorough range of wood strips. Showcasing astounding designs, shades and colours, wood strips are a perfect addition to your home’s interiors.

Elevation Tiles

Give the areas of your home a touch of modishness mixed with pride. Ideal for interior and exterior usage, the elevation tiles come in a variety of styles, design and patterns. The elevation tiles are designed in such a way that not only gives your home an aesthetic look, but also keeps it safe by keeping various disease-causing bacteria at bay. Elevation tiles are a great way to enhance the exquisiteness and sophistication of your outer walls and balconies.

Digital Tiles

The newest trend is digitally printed tiles! These tiles are increasingly gaining popularity as they give walls a spectacular look, bringing in an artistic panache to your home interiors. You could try something new and deviate from the clichés of dull painted walls. With high resolution printing, countless designs and crisp finishes, digital tiles are now becoming ceramic art for the walls.

Nano Tiles

Designers today use Nanotechnology in tile-making. In this process, the tile is given a distinct protective coating of particles that are very small sized (nano-sized). Tiles get increased sheen, colour and a greater resistance to stains as the nano particles infiltrate the tile’s surface. Nano tiles provide a charm and sophistication to the area where it is being used.

Glazed 3D Tiles

Homeowners nowadays are no longer gratified with conventional looking tiles, be it for floor or walls. 3D tile designs give your home a charming look and unbelievable interior decoration. These tiles are made using the most advanced technology imparting them some of the most amazing features like precise cutting, an even surface, astonishing finish and superb appearance.

Kitchen Wall Tiles

Kitchen wall tiles can give your cooking space an extremely beautiful and urbane look. The tiles not only enhance the beauty of the décor but are also easy to install and clean. They can also be used to cover the areas which have been affected by seepage, as these tiles are waterproof. You can completely transmute your kitchen into an entirely new one.

Nano Tiles

Gone are the days when bathrooms used to be one of the smallest and dingiest places of our house. To make your bathrooms one of your much-loved places in the whole house, the market offers the most attractive and artistic bathroom tiles. When you use designer tiles for your bathroom, they not only give it an unmatched look, but are also water and slip resistant.
Vinyl floor tiles and Marble tiles are also available in the Market.

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Following illustration shall help you to understand about the tiles more clearly

Which type of tiles is greatest for floor?

For flooring, Vitrified tiles are the most excellent bet since they are long-lasting and can bear up heavy traffic. For walls, you can opt either ceramic or porcelain tiles since they are non-porous or else do not absorb stains. For outdoors, it is finest to choose either matt finish or anti-skid tiles to stay away from slips.


What is the easiest kitchen floor to maintain clean?

For kitchen flooring, stability along with ease of cleaning is top criteria. First-rate choices are linoleum along with ceramic tile. Linoleum is cheap and gives an easy-to-clean surface plus comes in numerous designs. Ceramic tiles are even better.


Which Color is finest for floor tiles?

Colors like beige, cream, whites in addition to light shades of grey along with blue are great choices. For bathrooms, you are supposed to consider creating an airy as well as open feeling. For this, prefer neutral colored floor tiles in light shades. It is a high-quality idea to make use of the same color wall tiles to make your bathroom emerge larger.


Which are better glossy or else matte floor tiles?

While matt tiles may be short of the bright and gleaming appeal, they have a better traction as compared to gloss. For high traffic spaces that are in repeated contact with water, humidity as well as steam, matt tiles present a more 'non slip' reputation. Spaces like hallways, kitchens along with bathrooms will all gain from matt tiles.


Which tile is most excellent for living room floor?

While it comes to the living room, you can select anything from ceramic tiles to natural stones. Italian marble, Terracotta and porcelain tiles give the impression to be the preferred option these days.


What is greatest for floor tiles or marble?

Natural stone marble flooring is the top choice for indoor areas like foyers, halls in addition to bedrooms. Polished marble surfaces as well tend to be slippery while used in bathrooms. In view of the fact that marble absorbs water as well as stains easily, marble is not a practical option for kitchens.


Is Granite is first-rate for flooring?

Granite floor tiles are a variety of strong, durable natural stone and while looked after correctly, it is a very practical as well as stylish floor covering. Not merely do granite tiles propose great functionality, they can add noteworthy value to your home.