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Top Cement in Telangana l Comaron


Top Cement Brands in Telangana


For its establishment, cement is applied to bind mortar, bricks, and other constituents in a building. Cement is employed for the watertightness of every building. Further, it is utilised where a hard surface is required for the protection of uncovered surfaces of structures. Considering its importance in the construction, it ought to possess sublime quality.

On the soil of Telangana, there is a varied range of cement brands available. However, only a few of them stand out among all of them due to their unique characteristics. The coming discussion will make you understand why these are prominent trademarks here:

  1. Chettinad Cement:

The brand offers a wide-ranging range of bagged products that comprises ordinary Portland cements and mixed cements to suit most building and construction applications. It has built prestige for service in the construction industry for more than four decades.

This cement is judiciously proportioned, highly correct blends of quality materials including unified cement and Portland cement are manufactured under measured conditions assuring consistent performance, and offering consistent quality.

Product Portfolio:

Ordinary Portland Cement (OPC)

Its Grey Ordinary Portland Cement is a fine class, cost-effective building material primarily composed of clinker that meets all applicable chemical as well as physical necessities. It is widely used in all construction sections: residential, commercial, industrial, in addition to public infrastructure

Portland Pozzolana Cement (PPC) - Blended Cement

This mixed hydraulic cement is manufactured through blending or inter-grinding Portland cement and additional cementious materials like fly ash. Its application in ready-mix concrete enhances finishing and workability, stops sulphate attack along with the alkali-aggregate reaction. This further decreases the heat of hydration.


  1. Bhavya Cement:

The group is a primary cement producing company. It was established in 2007. It supplies Portland Cement for the manufacture of railroad sleepers, Sulphate resisting Portland Cement, Portland Pozzalana Cement, and Portland Blast Furnace Slag Cement for application in coastal areas.

Product Portfolio:

Portland Pozzolana Cement

It is useful for general construction works and particularly appropriate for works in aggressive environmental conditions, such as water retaining assemblies, marine works, mass concreting (for example, dams, and dykes), foundations, retaining walls, and sewage pipes.

Ordinary Portland Cement 53 Grade

It is used for high-rise buildings, flyovers, chimneys, bridges, and pre-stressed concrete arrangements where high grade concrete (>- M30) is usually required. Advent of this grade of cement in the nation owes to the better technology at modern cement plants, which empowered production of high quality clinker.

Ordinary Portland Cement, 43 Grade

It is the most commonly used cement across the industry, and it follows the best practice to guarantee that the cement is delivered in an adequate quantity for the markets. Also mentioned to as grey cement or OPC, it is of much application in ordinary concrete construction.


  1. Deccan Cement:

Deccan Cements Limited is an eminent producer of cement in South India. It has been in this segment for more than three decades.

Product Portfolio:

  1. OPC Cement:

OPC 53 Grade:-

53 Grade OPC gives high strength and toughness to structures on account of its optimum particle size distribution and superior crystal structure.

OPC 43 Grade:

Unless a project needs very high strength cement, the application of 43 Grade OPC is generally suggested in general civil construction work for example residential, commercial as well as industrial structures

OPC 33 Grade:-

OPC 33 is not a regular product produced by the company. However, the company is accomplished of manufacturing as well as supplying the same against precise bulk orders, according to BIS Specifications (IS 269 – 1989).

Portland Pozzolana Cement (PPC):

PPC is special blended cement beneficial in general construction work and is exclusively fit for applications in aggressive environmental conditions. 

Portland Slag Cement (PSC):

Portland slag cement is these days commonly used in general civil engineering building works and is primarily ideal for construction of main structures as well as in coastal areas where extreme amount of chloride and sulphate are there.


  1. Ramco Cement:

Ramco Cements has been one of the most well-known cement manufacturers in India for more than six decades. As pioneers and trendsetters, the company has been at the forefront of developing ground-breaking products and processes for justifiable growth. Leveraging its manufacturing finesse along with a strong R&D team, it has dedicated itself to catering to varied customer requirements, allowing it to expand its footprint from corner to corner in the country.


  1. Maha Cement:

My Home Industries Pvt. Ltd. is a segment of 4000 Cr business conglomerate. The group is the producer of world class Maha Cement. It fits the varying requirements of construction projects situated in different locations.


     6. Ultratech Cement:

Ultratech cement is one of the well-known manufacturer brand of grey cement, white cement and ready-mix concrete. Ultratech cement limited is the cement company of the Aditya Birla group.  Ultratech cement is the only brand which is producing more than 100 million tons of cement in a single country per annum (outside of china). In India, it is installed with a capacity of 116 million tons per annum. Ultratech cement limited company is an Indian brand headquarter based in Mumbai, Maharashtra.Ultratech installed 23 integrated plants, 26 grinding units, 7 bulk terminals and 1 clinkerisation plant across India, UAE, Bahrain and Shri Lanka.UltraTech provides a variety of products that cater to the needs of various aspects of building and construction, ranging from scratch to finish, under these business verticals:
  • Grey Cement
  • White Cement
  • Concrete
  • Building Product
  • Ultra tech Building Solution

Product Portfolio:

  1. OPC 43 Grade:

Maha – OPC 43 grade cement is created by grinding the high quality clinker with higher quality gypsum in finest quantity. This is the most general type of cement used for construction drive. It is ideal for RCC, PCC, all sorts of masonry work and finishing work similar to plastering etc.

  1. OPC 53 Grade:

It is a high strength, greatest quality cement designed to suit the up-to-date construction practices. It is manufactured with brilliant quality clinker, holding high percentage (56-60%) of Tri-calcium Silicate (C3S), in addition to optimum quantity of gypsum. It is perfect for designing high strength, high performance concrete employed in high rise buildings, flyovers, pre-stressed concrete applications, bridges, under water concreting, concrete roads etc. 

  1. PPC:

Portland Pozzolana Cement (PPC) is first-class blended cement manufactured thru inter-grinding the high quality clinker by superfine processed fly ash. The clinker used here is particularly made by high percentage of Tricalcium Silicate C3S (58-60%). Merely high quality fly ash from choice chambers of Electrostatic Precipitators (ESPs) are removed and transported in closed bulkers is applied to manufacture Maha Cement.

  1. PSC:

This Cement is best for all categories of constructions. It is especially suggested in regions where the structure is bare to harsh environmental condition.

  1. CC:

Maha Composite cement is produced from particularly prepared clinker of high C3S (Tricalcium Silicates) content as well as carefully nominated high glass content GGBS. Owing to the progressive technology of “separate grinding and blending," the cement has high fineness as well as optimum slag and clinker content, which guarantee excellent early strength and toughness properties.




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