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Wonder Cement: Making Your Building Stronger

Wonder Cement manufactures Portland pozzolana as well as ordinary Portland cement for the purpose of plaster, brickwork in addition to other construction applications.

Brief Introduction:

Located in Nimbahera, Rajasthan, the cement plant boasts four linearization lines, capable of producing 11 Million Tons Per Annum (MTPA) of clinker. Established through a technical collaboration with ThyssenKrupp and Pfeiffer Ltd. of Germany, renowned leaders in cement technology, the plant ensures the production of cement that meets global standards. Exceptional effort was taken to guarantee that the plant sustains the up-to-date environmental norms as well as with the assistance of a reverse air bag house, ESP in addition to a number of trouble bag filters, the plant remains clean and dust free.

With the hiring of its grinding units in Bhadnawar, Madhya Pradesh; Dhule, Maharashtra; Jhajjar Haryana as well as Aligarh, Uttar Pradesh, its cement manufacturing size has amplified to 15 MTPA. But it is not stopping here, its eyes are set on a volume and production of 18 MTPA and to attain this it has taken steps to increase its cement manufacturing capacity with accumulation of fresh grinding unit at Tulsigam (Gujarat). This shall keep it ready for future growth as well as demand.


Wonder PPC:

Pozzolana is dedicated cement, first perfected throughout the grandeur days of the Roman Empire. Formerly formed by grinding materials of volcanic origin, this cement is formed with great genuineness and delicacy by the engineers at Wonder.

The cement is shaped by engaging a completely automated dry manufacturing course using modern international technologies.

Art as well as high-quality go hand in hand. Therefore the entire process of making Pozzolana Cement is supervised by exacting quality assurance at all phases of manufacturing, with the assistance of the Robotic (Prolab) Scheme. This built-up of PPC includes inter-grinding well-burnt OPC Clinker through gypsum as well as Pozzolana materials similar to power-station fly ash plus silicious earths.

The ensuing product provides a flawlessly artistic 'shuruaat' to your pleasing constructions.

Key Features

  • Great Compressive Strength

Its high early compressive strength aids in the manufacturing of high-grade concrete for supportable construction at a fast pace in any climate condition.

  • High Consistency

Its contemporary quality assurance laboratory armed with Robotic Technology safeguards the good uniform class of each cement bag created by Wonder Cement. The standard abnormality is very negligible of all the value parameters of cement for each batch.

  • Low Heat of Hydration

Because of the optimum fineness of cement along with the little percentage of Tricalcium Aluminate (C3A), heat deliverance is very low throughout the construction of concrete and mortar, which decreases the odds of shrinkage cracks, and therefore makes the construction additionally tough and crack-free.

  • Best Particle Size Distribution

The advanced closed-circuit Grinding System as well as High-Efficiency Separators confirm finest particle size distribution in cement, which certifies the lessening of voids in concrete, showing the way to impermeable structure as well as durable construction.

  • Little Alkali Content

The alkali content in this cement is much less as compared to the given norms of Indian Standards; thus, there is no option of Alkali Aggregate Reaction (AAR); this outcomes in constructions that are crack-free as well as more durable.

  • Little Chloride Content

The chloride content in this cement is also much less as compared to the given norms of Indian Standards; thus, there are fewer likelihoods of corroding of reinforcement, showing the way to longer construction life.

  • Sulphate Resistant

This Cement is reasonably unaffected to sulphate attack because of little percentage of Tricalcium Aluminate (C3A) in the cement, building the construction additionally durable as well as crack-free.

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Wonder Plus

It is an advanced contributing developed by Closed Circuit Grinding Technology through High-efficiency Separators for OPSD as well as comes in tamper-proof AD*STAR packaging. The matchless quality and progressive mix make the structures simply withstand the examination of time.

Why Wonder Plus?

Enriched with a high concentration of 03-30 Micron Wonder particles, it enhances the durability and strength of constructions, ensuring long-lasting results.


Key Features

  • Contemporary Manufacturing Technology

CCGT and HES aids in producing Cement through maximum percentage of 03–30-micron size particles for best fineness.

  • Optimum Particle Range

The cement advances particle packing of concrete, decreasing voids as well as making it denser for defence from corrosion as well as for a lengthier structure time.

  • Strong Construction

Little heat of hydration, little alkali, little Chloride in addition to Sulphate resisting properties decreases odds of cracks in making it maintainable and tough.

Wonder Xtreme

Years of research, alert listening to customer response, and the application of premium raw materials, has resulted the formation of this particularly expressed cement. Wonder Cement Xtreme generates high-performance concrete as well as is supreme for individual house-builders who are eyeing for the finest and will not negotiate on quality.

Produced in the country’s youngest as well as greatest well-equipped cement plant, the cement has optimal fineness. This outcomes in concrete of great density as well as compressive strength on the one hand, in addition to the capability to provide an extra-smooth texture for plastering, on the other hand. Foundations, columns as well as slabs completed with this exclusive cement deliver extreme bonding and defend structures from cracks, humidity and ageing for remarkably long periods of time.

Key Features

  • Great Compressive Strength

The cement is engineered with superior constituents that offer a structure both short as well as long-term strength.

  • Makes Compact Concrete

The ideal fineness of Xtreme makes the concrete enormously workable in terms of blending, transportation, placement, in addition to compaction. This results in thicker, stronger and extra compact concrete.

  • Better Resilience

Xtreme's low-heat hydration as well as sulfate resistance preparation shields the building from heat cracks, seals, and humidity for years to come.

  • Smooth Finish

With its optimal fineness, Xtreme delivers an excellent finish for both interior and exterior surfaces, making it an ideal choice for plastering applications..

  • Dampness Prevention

By successfully filling minute gaps in concrete to disrupt the interconnectivity of capillaries as well as also fighting water, Xtreme well protects against humidity.

  • Tamper Proof Packaging

Every Xtreme bag is formed thru tamper-proof BOPP (Biaxially Oriented Polypropylene) expertise, which ensures least wastage during transit as well as handling while stabilizing its worth.


Wonder OPC

As the name proposes, OPC is the most extensively and commonly applied cement. The company deploys a fully-automated, dry manufacturing method to craft OPC of the uppermost grade that produces extremely durable as well as sound concrete.

This 'Start For Your Art' is shaped via a fully-automated, dry-manufacturing process by means of latest worldwide technology under severe quality assurance systems, controlled by the 'Robotic (Polab)' system.

It is available in OPC-43 Grade as well as OPC-53 Grade.

Key Features

  • Produces Exceedingly Durable Concrete

The little alkali, chloride, magnesia, plus free lime configuration of OPC help in producing extremely durable as well as sound concrete.

  • Defends Against Corrosion

OPC covers an almost insignificant amount of chloride, which guards a building from corrosion in punitive environments.

  • Helps You Save Extra

OPC's high strength lets you to save a noteworthy amount of cement while making concrete of grades M15, M25, M20, M35 in addition to pre-cast segments.



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