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Uses of Electrical Wires and Switches in India

Electrical switches are used to carry out all the electrical functions. From a fan to bulb, whatever electrical equipment we employ in our day to day life is futile without a switch! In fact, a switch is planned to break or make the run of connectivity in the electronic circuit mechanically or automatically.

Purpose of electrical wiring:

The major purpose of an electrical wiring system is to gratify the user's requirements and necessities, while coordinating a variety of components, like the lighting, heating, along with other systems, always complying with defense and safety standards.

Why is a switch utilized in a circuit?

Electrical switches serve the purpose of regulating the stream of electrical current inside a circuit. It can be employed to both slow down the flow of the current or to commence it.

What is the most significant thing while doing electrical wiring?

The matter of security is the primary when it comes to electrical wires. It is actually the backbone of any electrical system failing on which can show the way to serious accidents. Their endurance should be high plus they must obtain the tendency of ensuring security in case of nastiest case scenario, which is, in case of fire.

What wiring is employed in houses?

The most common kind of home electrical wiring is the NM cable, also acknowledged as the Romex cable, subsequent to the most admired electrical wiring brand name. The NM cables include 3 or more individual conductors, wrapped jointly in sheathing, which is a supple plastic jacket.

What are the three kinds of wires?

Three kinds of wire used are:

  • live wire ( Red color)
  • earth wire (Green color)
  • neutral wire(Black color)

What is switch as well as how it works?

Switches are input building blocks for any network. They join multiple devices, like computers, wireless access points, printers, along with servers; on the same network inside a building or campus. A switch enables associated devices to share information as well as talk to each other.

Four kinds of switches:

The kinds of switches are classified into 4 types namely:

  1. SPDT (single pole double throw)
  2. SPST (Single Pole Single throw)
  3. DPDT (double pole double throw)
  4. DPST (double pole, single throw)


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