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ACC Cement: Oldest and Best Cement

ACC Ltd is well known as the leading manufacturer of cement in India. It is the largest as well as oldest cement company, belonging to the TATA group. In the year 1944 it established India's first completely local cement plant at Chaibasa in Bihar. Subsequently, in the year 1956 it set up its bulk cement depot at Okhla Delhi. Thereafter, in the year 1965, the corporation established Central Research Station at Thane.


Grade of ACC cement:


Price / per Bag

ACC Cement 50 kg

Rs 360 

ACC Gold Cement 50 kg

Rs 470

ACC Super Cement 50 kg

Rs. 380

ACC Concrete Plus Cement 50 kg


Rs. 420


Product Measurement




OPC (Ordinary Portland Cement)

Packing Size

50 Kg

Cement Grade

Grade 43, Grade 53


Types of ACC cement:
Most up-to-date revised edition of is 456:2000 allows the use of ten different kinds of cement.

OPC Grade 43 ACC Cement

OPC 43 cement shall obey the rules to IS:8112-1989 plus the designed strength of 28 days shall be least amount 43 MPa or 430 kg/sqcm. Even supposing 43 Grade cements' early strength is less as contrasted to that of 53 Grade, with time it will accomplish the same decisive strength as that of 53 Grade cement.

OPC Grade 53 ACC Cement

OPC 53 Grade cement is essential to conform to BIS specification IS:12269-1987 in the midst of a designed strength for 28 days being a smallest of 53 MPa or 530 kg/sqcm. This Grade OPC provides high strength along with robustness to structures as a result of its optimum particle size distribution as well as superior crystallized structure.

Difference between OPC 43 Grade and 53 grade cement:

OPC 43 grade cement is in general utilized for non-structural works resembling plastering flooring etc. While OPC 53 grade cement Gurgaon is utilized in the projects which require higher strength resembling concrete bridges, runways RCC works and so on.

Detailed Illustration:
Cement is one of the most central ingredients in construction material for construction Infrastructures. ACC Cement is no doubt one of the country’s top brands of premium cement. Its high-quality of products has acquired a positive response internationally. The cement was the first segment in sustainable cement manufacturing. The company was set up in 1936 with 12 production units of approximately 34 million tons per year. Its ability to trade a large quantity of cement is very recognized. It has broad uses for the building of dams, bridges, tunnels, walls, culverts, and so forth. It is employed as concrete binding material.

India is the 2nd prime cement exporter. In developed countries like India, there is a huge prospect for cement. It has also grown by reason of numerous systems for subsidized housing sustained by the government. In view of the worth of cement, several leading organizations have commenced joint ventures to boost cement manufacture in the market.


Things You Require To Check before You Purchase ACC Cement OPC-43 Grade in Volume

  1. Grading: The initial thing compulsory in the procurement of bulk ACC Cement is to verify its grade. The cement of OPC-43 Grade is recognized less Micro- cracking as well as long term strength.
  2. Correct Information: Go through the ACC name in addition to registered trademark of the manufacturer precisely. If the label and name are not written properly or if there is a mistake in spelling, the cement bag may be of substandard deviation.
  3. Certification Mark: The trademark ISI should be impressed in black over the cement bags. The ISI mark makes sure that the cement covered in the bag has followed all quality standards. ACC has all the certification necessary.
  4. Seller Reputation: The seller’s reputation is also essential when it comes to procurement. Over and over again, sellers mix impure material with the original material to put up for sale it cheaper online.
  5. MRP as well as IS Code: The scratched MRP Print on the bag is a symbol of unprincipled Material and seriously suggested not to be procured. Meticulous IS Code defines the record of products in government report.  ACC Cement OPC-43 surpasses all the BIS stipulations and standards laid down by the government on strength points. It has also registered IS Code 8112-1989 for OPC 43 cement grade.
  6. Batch No. as well as Expiry Date: On the cement bag, it is compulsory to list the batch/control unit number through terms of week, month as well as packaging year. It is suggested to use a newly packed cement bag, usually less than three months.
  7. Address: The address of ACC Cement Manufacturer in order to recognize any bogus material added to the product and for added future inquiries.
  8. Color: The model ACC cement OPC 43 color contains greenish-grey color. Any distraction or change in color is a severe red flag for not to purchase.
  9. Drop Test: Drop test is the course of action for checking the quality characteristics of cement. When model cement dropped in a bucket of water settles down to a certain extent than floating over the surface.
  10. Fineness: Cement ought to be in fine powder shape, soft to the touch, as well as free of granular lumps. Strong lumps in the cement bag replicate humidity. One sample of the cement has got to be checked before the purchase.

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