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Bangur Cement: The Strength of Consolidation

Bangur Cement Limited is listed at Registrar of Companies, Jaipur (RoC-Jaipur) as well as is classified as the Indian Non-Government Corporation.

Bangur Cement is acknowledged for its magnificent quality and tough strength. The cement provides durability and permanence to the buildings.  


Product details:
Bangur PPC is in fact manufactured by blending a combination of Ordinary Portland cement (OPC) as well as pozzolana materials like fly ash, in proportions not less than fifteen percent and not over thirty percent by weight of cement. OPC contains a blend of Portland clinker and gypsum ground to an extremely fine powder.

In general, PPC cement is utilized over Bangur OPC cement price gurgaon difference purposes plus where the setting time or early accomplishment of strength is not critical. Even if PPC cement has lower twenty eight day strength over OPC cement, sooner or later, it attains higher strength as compared to OPC. Due to incessant alteration of liberated lime into a stronger gel, the potency of PPC Cement continues to amplify with time.

Both OPC and PPC are universally employed for construction. 
1. OPC abbreviates for Ordinary Portland Cement. 
2. PPC abbreviates for Pozzolana Portland Cement. It is formed by adding together pozzolana materials resembling fly ash, volcanic ash to OPC.



Price / Bag

Bangur PPC Cement

Rs 360

Bangur Power Cement

Rs 375


Bangur Power Cement, Cement Grade: Grade Fifty Three, Grade: PPC





Cement Grade

Grade Fifty Three



Packaging Size



Bangur Cement - OPC 43 Information:
•    Bangur OPC 43 Cement is a well-known choice majorly idealized for being all-in-one civil, commercial as well as industrial construction solution.
•    Bangur OPC 43's amazing compression strength, rapidity, continued existence and steadiness has definitely sustained it the faith of engineers and end-users similar.


Chemical attributes of OPC 53 Grade cement:
•    Sulphuric anhydride percent Not more than 3.5percent
•    Loss on ignition percent Not more than 4.0percent
•    Insoluble residue percent Not more than 4.0percent
•    Magnesia percent Not more than 6.0percent
•    Total chloride content percent Not more than 0.10percent
•    Net proportion of lime to Silica, Alumina in addition to Iron oxide. 0.80 – 1.02percent


Uses of 53 grade cement:
OPC 53-Grade- It is primarily brought into play in RCC structures, buildings, pre-stressed concreting, 53 Grade achieves 27 Mpa in seven days matched up to 23 Mpa by 43-grade cement and accomplishes a concluding compression strength of 53 Mega pascals in twenty eight days.


What is meant by 43 Grade OPC Cement?
The grade signifies the minimum compression strength (MPa or else N/mm2) that the cement will get behind 28 days of setting. OPC 43 grade cement is a cheaper option over OPC 53 grade cement. You can pay money for OPC 43 online but will also decide to comprise over the full compressive strength of the structure.


Which cement is best for residential construction?
•    Ordinary Portland Cement (OPC) 43 Grade Cement: It is used mainly for wall plastering works, Non-RCC structures, pathways and that.
•    Portland Pozzolana Cement (PPC).
•    Ordinary Portland Cement (OPC), 53 Grade Cement.
•    Portland Slag Cement (PSC).
•    White Cement:

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