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Black Tiger Cement: Strengthening the Building

Black Tiger Cement Price

The Black Tiger brand denotes ‘Strength’ and ‘Aggression’.

Goldstone Cements Limited (GSCL) is one of the main manufacturers of grey cement in North East India. It markets its products under the product name of “Black Tiger Cement”.

The company holds its industrial plant at Musiang Lamare, a small village in the district of East Jaintia Hills in Meghalaya, by a set up volume of One Million Tonnes Per Annum (MTPA) of grey cement. GSCL as well has its own Captive Power Plant by Installed Capacity of 10 MW.

What is the real grade of black tiger cement?

Grade 43


Black Tiger

Cement Grade

Grade 43


PPC (Pozzolana Portland Cement)

Packaging Dimension

50 Kg

Packaging Nature

HDPE Sack Bag

Who is the proprietor of Tiger cement?

The Directors of Tiger Cements Private Limited are Mahadev Chandak, Shweta Chandak and Sunita Dammani.

Properties of Black Tiger Cement

  • Delivers strength to masonry.

  • Retains good plasticity.

  • An outstanding building material.

  • Hardens or strengthens early.

  • Effortlessly workable.

  • Decent moisture-resistant.

What are the essential physical characteristics of Black Tiger Cement?

It has both adhesions as well as cohesion properties. It can fix particles into a compact hard-wearing solid mass. The cement has an extensive application in the construction industry for example: When cement is blended with sand and water to form a paste, it is called as mortar.

What are the properties as well as uses of cement?

The physical properties of good cement are grounded on:

  • Refinement of cement.

  • Uniformity.

  • Strength.

  • Setting time.

  • Soundness.

  • Loss of explosion.

  • Bulk density.

  • Heat of hydration.

What are the 4 characteristics of concrete?

Strength of concrete is of the subsequent kinds:

  • Tensile strength.

  • Compressive strength.

  • Shear strength.

  • Flexural strength.

What is the grouping of cement?

Portland Pozzolana Cement (PPC), Ordinary Portland cement (OPC), quick hardening cement, quick-setting cement, sulfates resisting cement, low heat cement, blast furnace slag cement, white cement, colored cement, high alumina cement, air-entraining cement, expansive cement, in addition to hydrographic cement

What is the real strength of cement?

Grades stated in the cement bags as 53/43 grade OPC/PPC actually signify the strength of the cement. 53 Grade OPC Cement merely denotes that 28-days compressive strength of the cement-mortar cubes ready out of that cement in a typical manner will be of 53 MPa.

What are constituents of cement?

Cement is factory-made through a carefully controlled chemical mixture of calcium, aluminum, silicon, iron and other elements. Common materials employed to manufacture cement contain limestone, shells, as well as chalk or marl pooled with shale, clay, blast furnace slag, silica sand, slate in addition to iron ore.

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