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Cement uses in Construction


Blended cement are formed by inter-grinding Portland cement clinker organized at temperatures of around 1400–1500°C.) with additional cementitious materials (SCMs) or by merging Portland cement with SCMs for example fly ash from coal combustion in electricity-producing plants or else blast furnace slag from iron-making plants. The manufacture of blended cement includes interring one or more additives. 

The dominant materials applied for blended cement are BFS, fly ash as well as silica fume. It offers numerous consumer and production-based aids.

Advantages of blended cement

The profits of blended cement fall into two wide-ranging categories: environmental and performance-related. Using extra cementing materials can make concrete additional economical, increase strength and toughness as well as influence other properties.

Technical advantages;

  1. Normally achieves the same level of fall, a measure of constancy, with less water as compared to concrete containing merely portland cement.

  2. Progresses the workability of fresh concrete, creating it easier to place and finish. By means of less water also decreases shrinkage and permeability.

  3. Donate to the long-term strength advance of concrete. Silica fumes can hurry strength development and decrease curing time.

  4. Lower heat of hydration as well as less risk of thermal cracking

  5. Decreases heat of hydration as well as thermal stresses.

  6. Reduced inclusive concrete cost:

  7. The mineral supplements applied to replace portland cement need significantly less processing and naturally lower the price of the concrete.

Environmental Benefits

  1. Lower water-cement ratios are applied in construction, making it at ease to work with and shape.

  2. Totalling mineral admixtures for example slag, which is formed as a byproduct of other industrial courses, lowers the energy expenditure in producing general quantities of OPC by about a megawatt per ton.

  3. The mineral admixture of mixed concrete mix yields the waste products of steel plants as well as coal power plants, among others.

  4. By applying this waste in cement, it lowers the demand on other constituents like limestone, silica and clay, helping to uphold these natural resources.

  5. Using additives to decrease cement production also decreases pollution.


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