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Ganga Cement: Best PPC Cement for Construction


Ganga Cement: Making India Stronger

Properties of Ganga Cement- Physical & Chemical

  1. Fineness.
  2. Soundness.
  3. Strength of cement.
  4. Setting time.
  5. Heat of hydration.
  6. Consistency.
  7. Loss of ignition.
  8. Bulk thickness.

Ganga cement and its properties:

It is utilized as a binder in the construction industry. It contains both adhesions as well as cohesion properties. It can bind elements into a compact durable solid mass. It has a wide application in the construction industry for instance: When cement is merged with sand and water to create a paste, it is termed as mortar.

What are the key features of Ganga cement?

  • Delivers strength to masonry.
  • Hardens or stabilizes early.
  • Owns good plasticity.
  • An exceptional building material.
  • Effortlessly workable.
  • Worthy moisture-resistant.

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What are the properties of Ganga cement?

This quality cement retains its volume later than setting without delayed expansion, which is triggered by unnecessary free lime and magnesia. The capability of the cement paste to flow is uniformity. It is evaluated through Vicat Test. In this test, cement paste of normal uniformity is taken in the Vicat Apparatus.

What are the properties of good cement concrete?

  1.  It has a extraordinary compressive strength.
  2.  It is free from corrosion as well as there is no significant effect of atmospheric agents on it.
  3.  It toughens with age and the course of toughening continues for a long time subsequently the concrete has attained adequate strength.

What is the actual strength of cement?

For ordinary Portland cement (OPC), actual compressive strength is fluctuating between 33 – 53MPa at 28 days, 22- 27 MPa at 7days along with 16 -27MPa at 3days of curing next to casting. For Portland Pozzolana cement (PPC), actual compressive strength is 33MPa at 28 days,22MPa at 7days in addition to 16MPa at 3days of curing later than casting.

What is the significance of cement?

Because it is a major constituent of both of these building materials, cement is an enormously important construction material. It is applied in the production of the countless structures that make up the contemporary world containing buildings, harbours, bridges, runways and roads.


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