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Godrej Interio: Continuing Legacy in India


Godrej Interio is an Indian furniture group, headquartered in Mumbai, India. The company commenced manufacturing furniture in 1923 through the Godrej Storewel cupboard. It is in fact a furniture arm of Godrej & Boyce and a fragment of the expanded Godrej Group.

It is in fact an Indian premium furniture brand in both home as well as institutional segments by a firm commitment to sustainability and centre of excellence in design, retail and manufacturing.

Why Godrej Interio:

The company led by foremost in-house design team in the Nation in furniture category as well as awarded with thirty-four India Design Mark Awards till date. The company targets to change spaces by its contemplated designed furniture to make vibrant offices and homes by its products which have the highest design quotient in functionality, aesthetics and technology.


The company’s commitment to the environment has outcome in manufacturing products with lesser carbon mark. It has the broadest range of green choices for consumers, which not merely includes products but also services like green interiors and recycling.

 5 Benefits of Godrej Interio Furniture:

  1. Durability. There is strength and toughness to a well-made piece of wood furniture.
  2. Flexibility.
  3. Sustainability.
  4. Diversity.
  5. Style.


Why is furniture significant at home?

Furniture is one of the vital requirements of every home it makes your life simpler as well as gives you comfort in the house. Comfort is significant for our rest, furniture not only improves the looks of any home or office but, it also provides the greatest comfort for rest and relax.

What is the real purpose of a table furniture?

A table is an thing of furniture through a flat top and one or more legs, employed as a surface for working at, eating from or else on which to put things.

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