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Is It Possible to Fix Discoloured Granite?

How to Restore Granite Countertop Color

Granite countertops are a great addition that adds a classy touch to your house. However, your granite countertops can end up being the focal point of attention when you decide it's time to update the appearance of your house. Most homeowners question if they can paint granite countertops because replacing them may be expensive and they may be reluctant to do so if they are still in good shape.

Yes, is the straightforward response. However, unless you prepare the granite counters before painting over them, paint will not adhere to them. This is a how-to for painting your counters to give them a fresh look. 

Applying a granite-like paint finish to your countertop

Every homeowner would love the sleek, polished appearance that granite tops give to their house. Regretfully, granite countertop installation can be costly. For this reason, a lot of homeowners are painting their existing worktops to resemble granite surfaces.

Depending on the kind of counter you have, painting it will vary, but it will generally follow the above-highlighted procedure. Before adding the clear coats, you can use a painter's brush to make the veins that give the countertop granite appearance. When they are unable to find granite countertops in the colour they want, the majority of homeowners also paint them. 

Can I Paint Granite Counters?

How can I fix granite counter that has darkened?

When you move an object that has been on your granite countertop for a while and you notice a change in colour, it's usually because the countertop has darkened over time from exposure to light. There are two methods for handling this issue. The best way is to darken those areas to match the remainder of the now darker counter, since the areas that have remained lightest are usually just those that were under a countertop appliance for an extended period of time. But, there is a technique below if you would rather think of whitening the granite to its natural colour.


There are various simple ways to repair dull granite. The age of the countertop and how well you've maintained it should be your first priorities. If the dulling is minor, you can usually fix it yourself. You might want to employ a specialist if the stones haven't been properly cared for or cleaned on a regular basis, or if the granite has significant stains and damage like etching.

If the dullness is minimal, you may be able to use some store-bought products to bring back the sparkle in your granite. Before undertaking this method on your own, make sure to review your warranty and the manufacturer's instructions for your stone.


You can buy a variety of granite-safe soap film removers to bring back some of the sheen on your stone. Make sure the substance you use is safe for granite and has a pH of neutral. These chemicals work well for both large and small areas, but only for mild dullness caused by soap residues and hard water.

Many individuals use a razor blade to delicately scrape, flatly, across the stone in narrow, more challenging regions. When you scrape, the residue ought to immediately come off the stone. After that, sand the area with extremely fine steel wool. This technique frequently works well around cooktops and sinks where residue buildup is more prevalent.

Shine can be restored with polishing powder after the stone has been cleaned with water and the residue scraped away. For most stones, these polishing products are safe. After this procedure is finished, the stone needs to be resealed.

Acetone or Stone Scrub are further options for tiny areas to get rid of residue. These are liquid products with a minor abrasiveness that can be applied manually or using a buffer or polisher that has variable speed. After using this product, your stone will need to be polished and resealed.

If the issue area is substantial, you might try cleaning it with one of the aforementioned methods and then restore the entire countertop instead of just the little section with granite polishing powder. You'll get a consistent finish with a shiny like-new look by doing this. For this, you'll probably want to employ a variable speed buffer. To cover the entire countertop, just massage the dry powder into the stone. This procedure will help bring back the stone's original lustre by removing small stains and scratches.

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