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Hebbal Cement: High Quality with Reasonable Price


Hebbal Cement: Consolidating the building of your dreams


Hebbal Cements is established by Eranna Hebbalmath in Tumkur, Karnataka in the year 2017. Basically, the company is in the industry of Lime as well as Gypsum Product Manufacturing. The brand has been popular in the state since its inception because of its innumerable exquisite features. The setting time of the cement is very low and binds bricks, sand along with other constituents firmly.

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Primary purpose of the cement:

The primary function of cement is to operate as hydraulic binder, which in fact augments the bond between broken particles, so it can allow their application in diverse fields. The resulted material will have diverse physical and mechanical properties from the preliminary materials.

Strength of concrete is of the following forms:

  • Flexural strength.

  • Compressive strength.

  • Shear strength.

  • Tensile strength.


Feature of concrete:

Toughness of concrete is its capability to resist its fragmentation and decay. One of the topmost characteristics inducing durability of concrete is its absorbency to increase of water and other possibly deleterious materials.

Significance of cement in building creation:

Concrete is used to offer strength, robustness, and versatility all through the creation of a building. These exceptional properties have prepared concrete a dependable as well as enduring option of construction companies for both commercial as well as domestic categories of constructions.

What is mainly utilized in cement?

Cement is manufactured by a diligently controlled chemical recipe of calcium, silicon, aluminum, and iron in addition to other elements. Common materials used to assemble cement contain limestone, shells, as well as chalk or marl united with shale, slate, blast furnace slag, silica sand, and clay plus iron ore.

What is the most vital property of concrete?

Compressive Strength: The compressive strength of concrete is measured one of the most imperative structural properties it has. As an industrial average, concrete is classified by diverse grades. These grades are based on such compressive strength of the material as soon as a specimen of it is ended into a cube or a cylinder.

What are the three constituents of concrete?

Concrete is completed up of three rudimentary constituents: water, aggregate (sand, rock or gravel) in addition to Portland cement. Cement, frequently in powder form, functions as a binding agent when blended with water as well as aggregates.

What is the most vital nature of cement?

Ordinary Portland cement (OPC): This cement also acknowledged as OPC is a form of cement that is manufactured as well as used internationally. It is commonly used for all drives including: Concrete: When OPC is mingled with aggregates and water, it marks concrete, which is extensively used in the erection of buildings

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