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Himalaya Cement: World Class High-Tech Cement


Himalaya Height Cement: Leading to New Horizon

The application of cement is to set, harden as well as adhere to other materials to bind them all together. Hence, in order to erect a strong and compact structure top class cement is required. When it comes to discuss about the segment of cement, Himalaya Height Cement is often the talk of the town these days.

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Himalaya Cements Pvt Ltd is a Private assimilated 2014. Bihar Cement Industry is on a roll, focussed by a booming housing and industrial sector, the call for cement has increased considerably. In precise within a short period of time the industrial sector has exposed tremendous development as well as the infrastructure has to meet the stride to provide healthier facilities and services

Since the whole market of Bihar is a notably PPC user, it shall not be hard for any cement industry to market the cement inside the state of Bihar as well as to bordering state of Uttar Pradesh. Supplementary, numbers of Industries similar to power plants, housing in urban and rural sectors in addition to infrastructural projects are about to happen in Bihar where the ingestion of cement will be in enormous quantity. Therefore, the marketing of cement manufactured locally will be in improved position than the cement plant currently marketing Cement manufactured outside Bihar.

Product Portfolio:

Premium cement

Z Plus Cement is an international level high quality cement which is the outcome of a new research. It is prepared from high quality Ordinary Portland Cement clinker thru high quality reactive silica-containing material, ensuing in long lasting strength and security.

It is a leading name in the middle of cement producers. As a result of its outstanding quality and effective consumer services, it has succeeded in creating an exclusive identity among customers.

After many years of persistent efforts and intensive study it was launched in the market with the objective of bringing a fresh revolution in the arena of cement industry. It is aimed at offering ultra-high quality cement to the market through advanced foreign technology. A new strength can be delivered in the segment of construction.


Himalaya height cement is first-rate high-tech cement which is the product of an innovative research. It is organized with a blend of high quality clinker and high class material, as an effect of which it has long lasting strength as well as safety.

The cement creates a thick gel in place of the bubbles made by the amalgamation of water as well as cement in the cement, which makes the likelihood of cracks and moisture to be minor.

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