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Jaypee cement OPC 53 grade and 43 grade Price - India

Jaypee cement price in India

Jaypee Group's cement facilities are situated in the Satna Cluster, M.P. and U.P. The cement division of the Group has an amusing history of over 3 decades in producing high quality cement by its state-of-the-art cement plants.

The group produces distinctive blend of Portland Pozzolana Cement under the trademark names Jaypee Cement, Buland, Master Builder and Buniyad. Its cement division presently operates up-to-date, computerized process control cement plants through an aggregate capacity including JVs of around 6 MnTPA.

Jaypee Cement Price in India

 Jaypee cement Price





53 Grade

Packing Size

50 KG


Facilities at the Plant:

Keeping pace with the developments in the IT industry, all Cement Sales Offices are networked by means of MPLS Links to deliver 24/7 connectivity between the plants and all points of cement supply in order to provide continuous integration.


Manufacturing Procedure


The cement manufacturing procedure begins from the mining of limestone that is the chief raw material for making cement. Limestone is mined from open cast mines subsequently to drilling and blasting as well as loaded on to dumpers which transport the material and drop into hoppers of the limestone crushers.

Crushing Stacking and Reclaiming of Limestone

The LS Crushers press the limestone to - 80 mm size and release the material on a belt conveyor which takes it to the stacker through the Bulk material analyser.

Crushing Stacking and Reclaiming of Coal

The method of making cement clinker needs heat. Coal is used as the fuel for offering heat. Raw Coal received from the collieries is stockpiled in a coal yard.

Raw Meal Drying/Grinding and Homogenisation

Reclaimed limestone accompanied by some laterite stored in their corresponding hoppers is fed to the Raw Mill for fine grinding.


Cement Clinker is finished by pyroprocessing of Kiln feed in the preheater as well as the rotary kiln. Fine coal is fired as fuel to deliver the necessary heat in the kiln as well as the Precalciner situated at the bottom of the 5/6 stage preheater.

Cement Grinding and Storage

Clinker and Gypsum (for OPC) plus also Pozzolana (for PPC) are mined from their corresponding hoppers and fed to the Cement Mills.


Cement mined from silos is carried to the automatic electronic packers where it is packed in Fifty Kgs. Polythene bags and dispatched in trucks.

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