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Price, Material, Durability, and Everything You Need to Know About Kalinga Stone

The days of only considering granite for your countertop are long gone. Many Indian homeowners are choosing more fashionable options. Introducing Kalinga Stone!

This engineered stone is one of the best countertop solutions now on the market since it has a contemporary look and is naturally minimal maintenance. Moreover, it offers an extensive array of vibrant colors to suit every taste and design preference. Depending on your interests and preferences, you can find Kalinga stone colours ranging from shades of grey, white, and brown among others.

Before choosing this material for your kitchen countertop, consider the following information.

Kalinga Stone: What Is It?

The engineered stone Kalinga stone, which comes in over 150 styles and colors to match your décor, is made of marble and quartz with veining. Additionally, Kalinga stone quartz provides the stability and toughness of quartz, making it the perfect addition to a busy kitchen. The preferred engineered stone for interior designers and architects is quickly evolving into this countertop alternative.

The marble and quartz of the Kalinga Stone Range

The Kalinga marble collection is reminiscent of Italian marble, as implied by the name, but it is considerably more durable and functional. It replicates the marble's organic striations. But because the stone is engineered, it is much simpler to choose the ideal consistency, thickness, and colour for your kitchen's interior. 

The Kalinga Stone quartz collection strikes a balance between form and function. Since quartz is one of the world's hardest minerals, it is significantly more durable than common countertop materials like granite and marble. Furthermore, it boasts effortless cleaning and maintenance, ensuring a hassle-free experience for homeowners.

The Kalinga Marble

Consider adding Kalinga stone marble if you've ever winced after slamming a pot down on the kitchen countertop. You should be aware of the advantages of Kalinga marble before learning its cost and other information. The natural aggregates, resins, and binders combine for a stone that is nearly damage-resistant, making it far tougher than typical marble. 

Because spills and breaks are frequent in high-footfall environments like kitchens, this makes it a practical solution. The design is given an upscale appearance by the veined patterns, which mimic the opulent appearance of actual marble.

Low porosity levels can be seen in marble varieties. This makes it easier and quicker to clean up spills and leaks because it won't absorb water or other liquids.

Consistency in design is made possible by the great spectrum of colours in Kalinga stone. Natural marble typically has a wide range of colour and veining variations. The colours, sizes, and patterns are considerably more uniform because it was engineered. When compared to the costs of locating and installing natural marble, it can also turn out to be more affordable in the long term.

Quartz Kalinga Stone

Quartz is your top choice if you prioritise excellent durability and minimum maintenance. Let's first understand Kalinga quartz before learning its price.

Compared to other manufactured slabs, quartz is far more durable and almost scratch-proof. It is not permeable either. Spills can be quickly cleaned up because they are not absorbed. Additionally, it is considered to be bacterium-free. Thus, sealing is essentially unnecessary.

The quartz collection makes the same low-maintenance claims as Kalinga stone marble. To coordinate with your chosen colour scheme, cabinetry, and fixtures, the standard-sized slabs come in a variety of thicknesses and colours.

Price of Kalinga Stone

There are more than 150 different design variations, and Kalinga stone costs typically range from 1000 to 2000 per square foot. However, you should keep in mind that the purchase is done on a slab level rather than a sq. ft. level when you begin figuring out the price of Kalinga stone. Both the Kalinga quartz price and the Kalinga marble price are examples of this. Each slab measures about 49.17 square feet (3150 x 1450). A slab costs between 48k and 98k. This covers material costs, installation costs, transportation costs, and taxes.

Quartz vs. Kalinga Stone

Which one of quartz vs. Kalinga stone is the better choice for you? Everything is dependent on your wants and demands. Because they are both non-porous, Kalinga tiles and quartz are excellent choices for kitchen countertop materials. Kalinga stone, however, is a lot more resilient than quartz. Additionally, it has anti-microbial qualities.

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