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Konark Cement: Quality that you can Trust

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Konark Cement: Reaching the Sky of Success

Is Konark cement worthy for construction?

A best possible blend of high reactive silica and slag, Konark CC offers enhanced workability and higher long term strength gain. It is perfect for all construction applications.

What is the real grade of Konark cement?

Grade 43

Konark Cement: Grade 43, Packaging Mass: 50 Kg



Cement Grade

Grade 43

Packaging Dimension

50 Kg





What is the rate of Konark cement?

Grey Dalmia Konark Cement at Rate 360 - 420 INR/Bag in India

Is Konark cement decent for roof?

Fresh Konark DSP cement is offered at a premium over normal bags. Greater strength, smooth surface finish, resilience as well as flexibility of application make the novel product ideal for application in casting of roof slabs, columns as well as foundations.

How many kinds of Konark cement are there?

Konark Cement, Packaging Kind: Bag

Cement Grade

Grade 53, Grade 43, Grade 33


OPC (Ordinary Portland Cement), RHC (Rapid Hardening Cement), QSC (Quick Settling Cement)

Model Number


Cement Kind


Strenth (Mpa)



Who is the possessor of Konark cement?

Dalmia Bharat Group, (DBG) is an Indian conglomerate corporation, which trace their origin to the trades set up by Ramkrishna Dalmia as well as Jaidayal Dalmia.

Which cement is finest for construction?

OPC is the finest for house construction in India. In general, OPC 53 Grade cement is appropriate for all RCC structures similar to footing, column, beam, in addition to slabs, where ever initial as well as ultimate strength is the major structural condition.

Which cement is greatest for plaster?

OPC43 is the greatest cement utilized for plastering of low residential building and OPC 53 is top cement for plastering of high rise structure in India. 1) OPC: - ordinary Portland cement which is also recognized as in short form OPC. OPC is available in market in three grades 33, 43 and 53.

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