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Contemporary Labour Productivity in Construction

Labour Productivity in Construction

The progression of planning tools in addition to the application of top project management practices as well as software-based services similar to 1mnt. in have prepared construction labour scheduling a statistics-based method. The historical data, analysis tools in addition to scientific methods, are extra support to labour planning.

This article shall help as a guide for labour efficiency in construction. 

  1. What is labour Efficiency in Construction?
  2. Significance of Labour Productivity in Building
  3. How to Estimate Labour Productivity in Structure
  4. Labour Productivity Calculation for Diverse Building Works
  5. Factors Influencing Labour Productivity in Building
  6. How to Recover Labour Productivity in Building

What is Labour Efficiency in Construction?

Efficiency: Efficiency is a degree of the output vs. the input.

Labour Efficiency in Construction: Labour efficiency is the ratio of the work completed to the number of labours organized for the job. The labour efficiency dimension is for a day, a week or else a month. It is a sign of the productivity of the workers. The approximation of labour productivity also aids in labour planning.

Significance of Labour Productivity in Building:

Labour productivity is a critical metric in optimizing the price of the project. Similarly, the productivity dimension identifies the weak zones of performance. The following facts will clear the significance of labour productivity in building.

01. Decline in Project Cost

The labour cost is nearly 25 – 40% of the project charge. The accurate estimation of labour productivity decreases the surplus-labour thus a reduction in the general project fee.

02. Timely Achievement of Job

The labour productivity recognizes the performance accumulations. The replacement of lesser expert labour with capable labour ensures the timely achievement of the job.

03. Heightened Supervision

The low efficiency jobs are specially monitored as well as controlled.

04. Excellence of Work

Excellence is one of the major objectives of project organization. The high-precision jobs are scheduled to be done by skilled as well as productive labours.

05. Labour Mobilization as well as Demobilization Plan:

The condition of labour is according to the project stages. The initial as well as closing phases require lesser workers. The mobilization as well as demobilization plans look after the labour necessity and price consequently.

06. Manpower Histogram

Labour productivity as well as the activity period is the foundation for the labour prerequisite calculation. A histogram is a statistical device for easy investigation of labour requirement versus obtainability.

07. Cash Flow Necessity

The Labour necessity histogram aids calculate the salaries for the month.

08. Facilities for Workers

The labour efficiency yields the labour necessity, which is the root of labour accommodation in addition to utility planning.

Labour Output Calculations for Diverse Construction Works

  1. Labour Output for Excavation Work
  2. Labour Output for Reinforcement Works
  3. Labour Output for Shuttering Works
  4. Labour Output for Concrete Work

Let’s take a thorough look –

01. Labour Output for Excavation Mechanism:

Small-scale construction needs manual excavation works. The technique is restricted to excavation in soft soils thru a maximum depth of 1.5-3 m. This excavation activity comprises the measurement as well as marking of the pit, excavation up to anticipated depth, removing the excavated soil of the pit, in addition to disposal at a suitable dumping site.

02. Labour Output for Reinforcement Works

The reinforcement works contain several activities for instance-

  • Rebar selection as well as conveyance from store yard to the steelyard
  • Marking and cutting
  • Rebar straightening
  • Twisting in the anticipated shape
  • Moving to the worksite
  • Placing and fixing in the member (beam, column, footing, slab, etc.)

A fitter (bar binder), assistant and inexpert complete the rebar job. The labour output is calculated according to the rebar fixing, as it is the past activity for the rebar work. This work output is in kg per man-day.

03. Labour Output for Shuttering Works

The closing work is a collection of numerous activities similar to-

  • Board making as well as re-making
  • Carrying the shuttering material at the work place
  • Playing for the superstructure securing jobs
  • Setting of shuttering in location
  • Applying the supports as well as props to the shuttering fixed

04. Labour Output for Concreting Works

A squad of masons, assistants and untrained labours finish the concreting work. The activities executed for the whole work are-

  • Carrying of building material from store to the mingling plant
  • For physical works, the labour blends the material, complements water to it.
  • For batching plant, the workforce aids the batching plant operator.
  • Carriage from batching plant to the work location
  • Concrete pump operation as well as concrete pipeline work
  • Concrete compaction or else  vibration
  • Levelling as well as Finishing

Factors Influencing Labour Output in Construction

The labour output for the job depends upon the number of events performed for every job. Provision for mechanical denotes for transportation, concrete pump, bending machine etc. advances labour productivity. As per the research paper “Construction Labour Productivity as well as its Improvement” technologically advanced by ‘C Thiyagu, plus M Dheenadhayalan’, some of the factors influencing construction labour output is as follows –

  • Labours’ Traits: Age, nutrition in addition to health condition.
  • Site Management: Uncertain drawings, absence of clear instructions, unstable gangs, lack of tools as well as tackles.
  • Inadequate Supervision: Deficiency of work time dimension, wrong work distribution, incapacity to demonstrate the job.
  • Absence of Motivation: Nonexistence of training for labours, inadequate wages, poor living state of affairs.
  • Material Linked: A scarcity of material, unsuitable stacking of material, storage yard excessively far from the place of work.

How to Improve Labour Efficiency in Construction?

In case you have confusion that how to raise labour output then follow the below guidelines for improving labour efficiency in construction; it will work fine.

  1. Planning as well as guaranteeing the accessibility of the accurate tools for the work, mostly in this digital era.
  2. Facilitation of work thru construction equipment similar to the crane, bar cutting appliance, bar bending appliance, in addition to wheelbarrow for concrete transportation.
  3. Guarantee the drawings are clear earlier than handing them to the site labours. Discuss the working policy with the carpenters, fitters in addition to masons to reinforce the accurate procedure. The practice discussion decreases rework.
  4. Develop a security culture at the place. The labours must have information on work-related hazards. The security culture inspires the labour to emphasis on the work.
  5. Supervisors ought to behave fairly with the labours. The application of fair working culture must prevail.
  6. Time as well as motion study is a tool to recognize the needless movements by workers. It aids in dropping fatigue as well as timely completion of the job.
  7. Improve the work site facility. General as well as job-specific lighting at night, rain defence, etc. should be kept convenient.
  8. Distinguish the good performers as well as make them role models for other labours. Also, inspire the labours to take possession of their work.
  9. Prize the timely completion of work. It improves labour productivity. Also, punish the non-performer at the precise time.


Labour output is a vast subject since it contains multi-disciplinary science. A knowledgeable resource manager possesses engineering, finance along with sociological tools to deal with the labour. The companies are placing in their greatest efforts to augment their project charge. The labour charge being a major share is under an overhaul as well.

The workers’ issues ought to be periodically conversed with them. Sometimes, issues similar to site sanitation, sanitation, drinking water facility at the location etc. negatively influence labour efficiency in construction. The security induction, tool equipment talks before the work begin give a good head commencement to the day.

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