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Laufen: The Premium Technology Products

Premium bathroom product

Laufen manufactures subtle bathroom products with supreme trustworthiness. With an extensive range of bathroom products in countless sizes, finishes, as well as orientations, the brand proves to be the greatest solution, while it comes to crafting a designer bathroom, within budget.

Where are Laufen sinks prepared

In 2002, a factory amalgamated with LAUFEN CZ s.r.o. factory in Znojmo to turn out to be LAUFEN CZ with its headquarters in Prague. The superior bathroom ceramics, nowadays produced in the state-of-art factory in BechynÄ?, are qualified to international ISO 9001 excellence standards.


LAUFEN is honoured to be awarded through the Design Prize Switzerland for save! at its ceremony in Langenthal, Switzerland.

What is actually a quick release toilet seat?

These are toilet seats which feature quick release technology. As the term suggests, the quick release technology combined in some toilet seats lets you to easily eliminate the toilet seat thanks to an advanced hinge mechanism.

Could you fix a soft closing toilet seat?

Soft-close toilet seats work for the reason that they have a special kind of hinges that create the toilet seat close on its own very gradually and quietly. In case, your soft-close seat isn't working similar to it used to and you can't alter the hinges, you might have to fix it by swapping the hinge dampers by a new set.

What is a Croydex toilet seat?

The ground-breaking grip pad technology and brand-new original V plate hinges deliver maximum modification to fit the fixing holes of any typical toilet pan. The seats can also be connected from above or below guaranteeing that the seats always fit and at no time slips.

What is Duroplast toilet?

Duroplast is a thermosetting plastic, strengthened with fibres, making it ultra-strong. It is analogous in composition to fibreglass or formica, as well as it makes for a toilet seat which will last for years. The Vellamo Duroplast seat contains a high quality soft-close mechanism through metal hinges.

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