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Different Forms of Wash Basins in your Home

applied and used for face washing as well as hand washing. It often has hot and cold water taps and is fixed to a wall.

We often come into contact with the bathroom basin; hence, it must not only look fanciful but also suit the needs and usage of your bathroom. Multiple sinks are ideal for busy families who use the restroom together.

Also Know about Uses of Wash Basin

What is
the best material for different kinds of washbasins?

Different kinds of basins come in diverse materials. Below are the most public ones-


Ceramic is the most distinctive material for your bathroom sink. This covers vitreous china along with fireclay pottery.

For the reason that they come in numerous designs and are easy to maintain, ceramic sinks are common. By reason of their popularity, ceramic sinks are offered at a series of price points to suit any budget.

Solid Surface:

These basins can be recognised by their all-in-one construction and accurate lines. They look modern and minimalist and are fairly simple to maintain.

Metal Finishes

Stainless steel and aluminium are the only two metals that can be employed to make basins. These eye-catching finishes will look fantastic if used to create a contemporary space while also making the bathroom stand out from the crowd. It ought to be noted, though, that these sinks' prominent finishes do need a little more preservation to keep them looking their finest.

Forms of Wash Basin 

There are numerous kinds of Wash Basin, following are the common kinds of wash basins-

  1. Wall Hung Basins

  2. Full Pedestal Basins

  3. Semi Pedestal Basins

  4. Countertop Basins

  5. Corner Basins

  6. Semi Recessed Basins

  7. Washstand Basins

  8. Inset Basins

  9. Cloakroom Basins


1) Wall-hung basins

The simple as well as airy appearance of wall-hung basins is attained by mounting them directly on the wall by means of brackets. To conceal the foul pipes, many basins come with thorough pedestals as well as semi-pedestals.


1.1) Full pedestal wall hung basins

It is the classic basin that most people think of when they imagine a bathroom. Even though it appears that the basin is supported completely by the pedestal, it’s in fact attached to the wall.

People with limited space may want to consider a wall-mounted basin.

Price- fluctuating from Rs.2700 to Rs.7000 

1.2) Half pedestal wall hung basins

This wash basin, as the name implies, is completely wall-mounted, is only half the size of a full pedestal, and serves primarily to conceal the piping beneath the basin. By doing away with the usual pedestal shape, these basins free up extra floor space, which may then be applied for storage or left unfilled to give the impression of more space. Such basins are made to be as functionally worthwhile as possible.

The only drawback of these basins is that they cannot be fixed to the wall if there is space beneath the basin. If so, select one of the substitute basin styles listed below.

Price- fluctuating from Rs.3000 to Rs.10000


Under countertop basins

This undercounter lavatory possesses a smooth profile through a solid surface, is easy to preserve, and is a style that is rising in popularity. Lavatories are attached to the undersides of vanities, console tables, and counters. Granite is normally chosen as the platform material for these kinds of basin installations.

The countertop covers the top of the toilet, leaving merely the interior of the basin visible. They make the bathroom feel more open and spacious while also being functional and unique.

Price: fluctuating from Rs. 2000 to Rs. 10000


3) Tabletop basins

This kind of basin sits on top of a vanity unit or worktop, so it seems almost as if it’s an isolated bowl that could be picked up as well as relocated. This can create an up-to-date and luxurious look and suit an extensive variety of bathrooms.

Price- fluctuating from Rs.2500 to Rs.30000


4) Countertop basins

This basin often referred to as a "semi-recessed basin," has simply the rim or the front portion of the basin observable since it has been partly dipped into a vanity unit or worktop. This specifies that the plumbing is similarly concealed within the unit.

These kinds of basins are stylish and smooth compared to tabletop basins.

Price- fluctuating from Rs.2290 to Rs.8000 


The following discussion will help you better understand the various types of wash basins:

1 How many types of wash basins are there?

There are eight types of wash basins accessible. Top-mount, wall-mount, under-mount, pedestal sink, semi-recessed vessel, wash plane, and all-in-one sink integrated into the countertop are all options.


2 Which type of wash basin is worthy?

Bathroom stainless-steel sinks are turning out to be more and more common and guide our ratings. They resisted dents, dings, heat, and stains from average cleaning supplies, together with drain cleaner.


3 What exactly is a below-counter wash basin?

The washbasin below the counter serves as one. Under the countertop is where the basin is fixed. The above countertop basin elevates the design shape in this way. The countertop can be effortlessly cleaned, which is its prime benefit.


4 What material is applied to the wash basin?

Ceramic, acrylic, marble, concrete, stainless steel, and even soapstone are all employed to make basins.


5 What is the usual size of the wash basin?

Small: Between 9 and 12 inches wide, 15 and 20 inches long, and 5-3/4 as well as 7 inches deep. Medium: Measurements range from 20 to 30 inches long, 19 to 24 inches extensive, and 7 inches or so deep. Large: 19 to 24 inches extensive, 30 to 50 inches long, and around 5 inches tall.


How do I select a bathroom basin?

How to select the accurate bathroom sink

  • Be sure to think through what the sink will be utilized for

  • Sinks come in a collection of shapes; therefore just make sure the basin is wide as well as deep enough.

  • Top-mount sinks are the most universally used sinks

  • Under-mount sinks are a gift to clean.


One of the most peaceful spaces in your house is the bathroom. They deliver a much-needed chance to relax as well as take a calming bath. One of the most essential and suitably ignored bathroom supplies is a wash basin.
Without a beneficial, long-lasting, and aesthetically attractive washbasin, a bathroom isn't thorough. It makes the bathroom feel enjoyable by enhancing the style as well
as the theme of the other bathroom fixtures and decorations.

Even if wash basins are a relatively insignificant aspect of the home, a poor decision can upset the environment. These days, there are practically hundreds of
different washbasin options available, making the decision-making process much more thought-provoking.

Everything depends on where it will be located, what use it will
serve, the people who will utilise the sink, and, most importantly, what the person is looking for.


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