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Maha Cement: Meeting the Expectations


My Home Industries is a prominent business house headquartered in Hyderabad. The group is a producer of world class cement, – ‘Maha Cement." The cement company has numerous brands under its name.

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Maha Cement Product Portfolio:

Maha Cement OPC 43 Grade

It is produced by grinding the high value clinker with larger quality gypsum in optimum amount. This is the most public type of cement used for construction drives. It is ultimate for RCC, PCC, all sorts of masonry work and finishing work resembling to plastering etc.

Maha Cement OPC 53 Grade

It is a high strength, top quality cement envisioned to suit the latest construction practises. This cement is vital for scheming high performance, high strength concrete used in high rise buildings, pre-stressed concrete applications, bridges, flyovers, underwater concreting, concrete roads, etc. By reason of its uniform and reliable 28 days’ compressivestrength of 60 MPa Maha – it is the most favourite brand by Ready Mix Concrete producers and groundwork project engineers.

Maha Cement PPC

It is premium unified cement manufactured by inter-grinding the high value clinker with superfine treated fly ash. The clinker used here is predominantly made with increased percentage of Tricalcium Silicate C3S (58-60%). Merely high quality fly ash from elected chambers of Electrostatic Precipitators (ESPs) are mined and transported in closed bulkers is employed to manufacture Maha Cement. Clinker as well as fly ash with an anticipated proportion of gypsum are inter-ground in high competence closed circuit Ball Mills. The cement produced provides an impeccable level of stability and strength.

Maha Cement PSC

The cement conforming to the IS 455-1989, is manmade from high quality clinker and greater class granulated blast furnace slag. The slag utilised contains more than 95% glass content – the most wanted parameter to produce PSC. The unique feature of its Grinding Units utilized for yielding this cement is the Vertical Roller Mills (VRM) – the most contemporary technology introduced from LoescheGmBH, Germany. The clinker as well as slag are distinctly ground to reach a high refinement level and then combined in a high efficiency mechanical mixer. This has not only empowered it to achieve high refinement (Blaine 3700+ cm2/g) in the Maha Cement but also sheer particle size distribution (PDS) which aids the cement in achieving high early strength and brilliant durability properties in concrete.

The cement is best for all natures of construction. It is expressly recommended in regions where the building is revealed to harsh climates.


  1. Higher strength and high toughness

  2. Advanced increase in strength over the years

  3. Advanced resistance to corrosion

  4. Best for both concreting and plastering

  5. Extreme resistance to alkalis as well as sulphates attack

  6. Plane Surface finish – no surface flaws

  7. Enhanced workability and consistency

  8. Low Heat of Hydration – most fit for mass concrete work

Maha Cement CC

Maha Composite cement is yielded from individually prepared clinker of high C3S (Tricalcium Silicates) content as well as carefully nominated high glass content GGBS. On account of the forward-thinking expertise of “separate grinding and blending”, this cement has high fineness and best slag and clinker content, which certify brilliant early strength and toughness properties.


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