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Melamine Cabinets in Your Kitchen

Melamine is in fact a synthetic material which is composed of diverse things, together with wood particles, resins, and glue in addition to even paper. Having a paper as well as resin denotes that mine kitchen cabinets are accessible in an extensive variety of colors and styles. The shades they come in are generally solids, or come in numerous shades of faux wood grains.

Pros of Melamine Kitchen Cabinets:

  • Durability:

These cabinets are resistant to some of the general issues offered in a kitchen, whether it is unnecessary dampness, heat or stains. The reason why melamine can fight back these external elements is due to its tough external coating. The coating is also simple to clean. 

  • A huge variety:

Since Melamine is a synthetic material, it can be formed through an almost infinite number of finishes. You can choose from wood grains in numerous colors or various shades. Further, this denotes you can pick black melamine cabinets, yellow melamine cabinets, white melamine cabinets or else grey melamine kitchen cabinets. 

Through this level of selection, you can look for melamine kitchen cabinet design that impeccably matches for your kitchen elegance.

  • A uniform finish:

Contrary to solid wood which can differ in grain colors and patterns, even within the same identical order, melamine provides a consistent finish because it is produced in a restrained setting.

  • Low Price:

Contrary to solid wood cabinets, these cabinets are presented at a much lower rate point. High class melamine cupboards through nice rates make decent cost-effectiveness!

Cons of Melamine Cabinets:

  • Melamine can chip:

Even though the external resin coating is tough, it can be inclined to chipping. Chips will leave the inside wood particle core exposed, as well as this can be very unattractive. Moreover, if your cabinets do crumb, it can be costly to have them refinished.

  • Melamine can be tougher to install:

Due to the nature of their construction, these cabinets might not go well with nails and screws. If applied improperly, nails as well as screws can lead the melamine to disintegrate.

For this reason, having an expert installation team can be beneficial.

  • Melamine can be vulnerable to water harm:

In case the wood particle core of the cabinets gets saturated through water, it compromises their structural reliability. Water can be absorbed into this more effortlessly as compared to solid wood, thus you ought to be aware of this while connecting cabinets next to your sink.

As per your requirements, you can install melamine cabinets in your kitchen. After meticulous scrutiny only, you can decide about its installation.

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