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Points to be followed before Getting a Modular Kitchen

These days, modular kitchens have made their place in almost every house. These kitchens are practical, adaptable, stylish as well as technical. However before getting carried away with the remarkable design offerings, you should concentrate on the technical facets to have an impeccable kitchen in your home in the long run.

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Although modular kitchens can be modified to wide-ranging dimensions, designs, materials, shades and finishes, your kitchen's room is something that you ought to consider before setting up a modular kitchen. The design of the kitchen will wholly depend on the extent of your kitchen.

Pro-tip: For smaller zones, a parallel or else a straight kitchen would be the top choice; otherwise the space will appear jammed! While, you can go for U-shaped, L-shaped or Island kitchen designs for bigger spaces.


Storage necessities must to be examined in order to plan shelf cabinets, drawers along with tall units. The storage volume depends a lot on your habit pattern – whether you store groceries/supplies weekly or once-a-month. In case your family includes elder people as well, additional pull outs/ drawers will be appropriate as well as stress-free to function.


You have a duty to plan slots for electrical as well as plumbing points in advance, particularly in apartments. You ought to make a list of appliances as well as plan their location with the designer despite the fact that designing the kitchen. Such kitchen comes with numerous appliances and devices similar to an oven, in-built fridge, microwave or dishwasher, etc. Thus, take care you pre-plan all these tasks as well as arrange things consequently before fixing a modular kitchen.


There can be no negotiations on the excellence as well as durability while it comes to modular kitchens. The kind of material you select will completely reflect the toughness of your kitchen. In the meantime it determines the permanence of your kitchen; the countertop is one of the greatest imperative things that want your attention. The selection of material for the countertops (Granite or else Quartz) depends on the kind of cooking done in your home.


Task lighting: This is placed over counter-tops as well as under cabinets. It eradicates shadows as well as offers you a respectable view of your work exterior. As the name proposes, it guarantees that you have sufficient light even though chopping vegetables or undertaking any other prep effort. Under-cabinet illumination in the kitchen similarly helps you recognize the class of fresh yield, read labels on jars as well as so on.

Cabinet lighting: 

It aids you browse through the or else dark storage spaces effortlessly. These lights switch on mechanically when you open the shutter, as well as switch off while you shut the kitchen cabinet. These are seamless for high-end kitchens. On the other hand, one can pick to take in these merely for corner storage or else under-the-counter cabinets, in case budget is an issue.


Room between work areas for washing, cooking and stocking must be well planned or else it can end up jumbling up the area. If possible, these spaces ought to be three feet separately on the countertop to safeguard smooth running in the kitchen.



No negotiation should be ready while selecting raw materials as well as quality materials similar to HDHMR ought to be used from supposed brands similar to Action Tesa, Century, Crossband, Greenply and so on.


You can select from countless exterior finishes similar to Laminates, PU, lacquered glass, Acrylic etc.


Except for good window ventilation, connect an up-to-date electric chimney over the cooking series for suitable ventilation, you might also wish to comprise an exhaust fan.


Dark colours resembling black and brown ought to be avoided since they are not worthy reflectors of light. Make use of quality lighting for both ceilings as well as walls.


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