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Standard Modular Kitchen Dimensions

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There is not even a pinch of doubt that modular kitchens are talk of the town these days. Hence, their designs are in fashion nonetheless do you recognize the average kitchen size as well as dimensions of a kitchen? This average size of kitchen will aid to optimise the kitchen in line with comfort and will deliver the best ergonomics for you to work.

For making an impeccable modular kitchen for your home you have to know the typical size and dimension of significant kitchen elements. The chief fragment of any kitchen is the kitchen platform as well as service platform. The standard height of the kitchen counter for preparation as well as cooking is vital.

What actually make a modular kitchen incredible are kitchen storage as well as cabinets. The accurate size in addition to dimensions of a kitchen must also be identified. A kitchen triangle for well-organized kitchen working is also equally imperative.

Every key detail for a customary kitchen size and kitchen dimensions is clarified in detail in this column.

Typical Kitchen Size and Dimensions:

Ergonomics and productivity is the main element of a modular kitchen. There are certain important kitchen sizes as well as kitchen dimensions for proficient kitchen layout as well as kitchen ergonomic.

Kitchen ought to be adequate enough to house kitchen cabinets along with utilities such as a fridge, oven, grinder, etc. Therefore kitchen should have least possible average size for a comfortable kitchen experience.

The kitchen must be a smallest of 5 feet wide and 8 feet in length to ensure a suitable kitchen. The standard kitchen magnitude is 8 feet X 10 feet.

Least possible Kitchen Size = 5 feet * 8 feet

Average Kitchen Size = 8 feet * 10 feet

The kitchen ought to be of certain appropriate dimensions. Kitchens are usually in rectangular layouts as well as not square layouts for resourceful use of space. A number of the most utilized kitchen dimensions are mentioned below.

  1. 7 feet * 4 feet

  2. 8 feet * 5 feet

  3. 10 feet * 8 feet

  4. 12 feet * 8 feet

Some of the important standard kitchen sizes as well as kitchen dimensions are mentioned below.

  1. Kitchen countertop height

  2. Kitchen wall cabinet height

  3. Depth of overhead cabinets

  4. Depth of kitchen platform

  5. Depth of under-counter cabinets

  6. Dimension of kitchen sink

  7. Width of upper as well as lower cabinets

  8. Kitchen triangle

  9. Kitchen utility dimensions similar to refrigerator and microwave

  10. Kitchen chimney dimension

  11. Distance between stove as well as chimney

Choosing Your Modular Kitchen Settings

Summary of main standard kitchen sizes as well as dimensions are mentioned below:


Kitchen Elements

Standard Size (Inch)

Standard Size (Feet)

Standard Size (mm)

Least Kitchen Size




Regular Kitchen Size




Regular Kitchen Countertop Height




Regular Kitchen Preparation Countertop Height




Regular Kitchen Cooking Platform Height




Regular Kitchen Wall Cabinet Height




Depth of under-counter cabinet




Average Width of double door cabinet




Average Width of sliding door cabinet




Regular Kitchen Sink One Bowl




Regular Kitchen Sink Two Bowl




Regular Kitchen Sink Three Bowl




Average Kitchen Sink Clearance

36” one side, 18”on other side

3’ one side, 1.5’ on other side

915 mm one side, 457 mm on other side


Average Size of Modular Kitchen

The platform of kitchen or average kitchen countertop height is significant for proficiently working in a kitchen. The kitchen counter ought to be at such a height that you can simply cook on the stove.

The normal height of kitchen countertop varies from 32 inches to 35 inches. The kitchen platform height must be at such a height that you shall be able to work without any stress and difficulty. Consequently kitchen countertop height ought to be adjusted as per the height as well as comfort of the person using the kitchen.

Assume the height of the individual using the kitchen is 6 feet then in such case the kitchen countertop must be marginally elevated as stated by the comfort of the user. While the height of the handler is less than the kitchen platform height ought to be reduced.

Ordinary Kitchen Countertop Height varies from 32 inches to 35 inches

Normally, the perfect kitchen platform height should be 4 inches below the height of the operator’s elbow while standing.

Now, the kitchen countertop in particular cases is of diverse heights. One needs to have sufficient height for preparation for food, cooking food as well as for kneading dough, plus other work. The standard height of the kitchen platform for this effort is mentioned below.



Height of Countertop

Application of Platform

Preparation Counter

34 inch (4” below elbow)

Chopping vegetables and meals preparation

Cooking Counter

32 inch (5” below elbow)

Preparing Food

Low Level Counter

30 inch (8” below elbow)

Kneading dough, meat chopping, etc.


Average Kitchen Wall Cabinet

The overhead kitchen cabinet must be located at a certain appropriate height so for stress-free workability as well as cooking. For cooking purposes you require free space and also there ought to be appropriate storage in your kitchen. Accordingly kitchen cabinet is connected at a height simply accessible for cooking plus no stool is compulsory.

The normal height of kitchen wall cabinet from the countertop is ideally 2 feet or 24 inches or 600 mm. In case the kitchen platform is 32 inches high then, here kitchen wall cabinet begins at 32 inches + 24 inches which is in fact 56 inches.

The least distance between the overhead cabinet as well as the kitchen platform is 20 inches.

Typical Kitchen Wall cabinet height is equal to 56 inches from floor or 24 inches from your kitchen countertop

Average Depth of Overhead Cabinets

This overhead kitchen cabinet ought to be deep adequate to store at the same time it must not obstruct cooking. Consequently kitchen overhead cabinet must be 12 inches to 15 inches in depth for best storage.

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