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Mycem Cement: The bonding which lasts forever

Mycem opc 43 grade cement

mycem Power is a Higher Quality Blended Cement with striking and laminated packaging, stop cement from hydration because of atmospheric moisture and remain unbroken in its superiority till it gets open with in time frame according to BIS. Here similarly the secondary reaction of High Reactive Silica (HRS-pozzolana) existing in mycem Advance reacts with Ca(OH)2 (released by the hydrating Portland cement) in the existence of water forming constant Calcium Silicates Hydrate (CSH Gel) which have the cementitious properties and gives extra strength to cement and its works. It has improved particle size distribution by max particles within range of 3 to 30 micron, aids in getting cohesive mix, crack free tough construction. These all virtues make this cement suitable for RCC foundation, beam, column and slab casting.

What is the Mycem cement price and grade?

Mycem Cement, Grade: Opc 43, Packing Dimensions: 50 Kg



Price Per Bag



OPC 43

Cement Grade

Grade 43

Packaging Dimensions


Packaging Type

PP Sack Bag


Profits of mycem Cement

  1. High long-term strength gives strength to construction.
  2. Decrease the likelihoods of rusting in steel bar.
  3. Highly Reliable in quality.
  4. Harmless on site avoid diseases since cement doesn’t thrash during bags handling.
  5. Ensure set weight to customer because of LPP packing.
  6. Better and Level finish.
  7. Reduce the potentials of leakage and seepage.
  8. Adulteration free.


  1. All kinds of commercial building, Residential in addition to Infra projects.
  2. All forms of RCC work viz: FOUNDATION, COLUMN, BEAM in addition to SLABS etc.
  3. Road, Bridges as well as Dam etc.
  4. All kind of heavy plus load bearing structures.
  5. All kind of construction similar to masonry work and all over wherever cement can be employed.

The cement is a well build amalgamation of fly ash, calcined clay and silica fumes, which gives your structural creations a long-lasting basis.

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