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Nagarjuna Cement: Building Trust Through Quality and Service

Nagarjuna Cement

Nagarjuna Cement: A Brief Introduction

NCL Industries Limited, the leading corporation of the NCL Group, has been serving the building industry for the previous 37 years with top-quality cement, popularly, acknowledged as Nagarjuna Cement. It is a first-class cement brand in South India that spreads into Kerala, Karnataka, and Tamil Nadu, in addition to Pondicherry. Nagarjuna Cement is generally recognized as "Monagadu Cement" in Telugu.

The corporation operates two entities, one at Simhapuri (Suryapet district) in Telangana and the further at Kondapalli (Krishna district) in Andhra Pradesh and has an annual mounted capacity of 2.70 million MT per annum. The Cement is available in numerous grades of Ordinary Portland Cement (Grades 53 and 43) along with Pozollona Portland Cement. Furthermore, special cement (IRS Grade 53 S) is produced for supply to Indian Railways for the assembly of concrete sleepers.

The Cement is offered in 50 Kg HPDE bags meeting applicable stipulations of BIS quality. Cement is likewise supplied in laminated / paper bags to choose markets for additional price. For housing as well as other projects where storage facilities are offered for bulk cement, NCL supplies bare cement as per the client’s choice in bulk transport shippers. .

The quality management scheme of the company has been qualified to follow ISO 9001:2015.

Nagarjuna Cement

1) Three decades of established performance.

2) A superior brand through well-established quality and internal standards that obey the Quality Management Scheme Standard: ISO 9001:2015.

3) The cement is BIS certified, as well as its performance far surpasses customary BIS standards.

4) Stringent quality control.
NCL preserves completely furnished laboratories where the cement is verified monthly for specifications as well as for evaluation with competitor brands. Moreover, advanced values of Lime Saturation factor (LSF) ratios and lower values of free lime content are upheld in clinkers.

5) Superior class of limestone reserves.

6) Higher customer service with instantaneous response to customer complaints.

7) One of the main dealer’s network (higher than 1600 dealers) and the first company to launch a Cement Dealers Confidence to pay attention on the welfare of dealers and their families.

8) In-house wagon loading capacity.

9) Assumed its performance parameters, once utilized, customers swear upon the trademark.

10) One of the few corporations in the private sector in Telanganato assemble special railway-grade (IRS Grade 53S) cement compulsory for specialized works similar to railway sleepers in addition to pre-stressed concrete works.

11) The cement is supplied to manifold states away from Andhra Pradesh and Telangana into Kerala, Tamilnadu, Madhya Pradesh, Karnataka, Maharashtra, Orissa, Assam, Jharkhand, Pondicherry, West Bengal, and Chhattisgarh.

12) The cement, recognized for its greater quality, is perfect for mission-critical bids, viz., the erection of an underwater pipe tunnel from corner to corner in the river Goutami, as was finished by M/S Zublin International of Germany, by means of 53S grade cement.

Nagarjuna Ready Mixed Concrete

The key constituent of Nagarjuna RMC is greater class OPC 53 grade Nagarjuna Cement. As a product promise, Nagarjuna RMC employs the greatest raw materials and fine aggregates in the blend. The whole process is computerized and observed by extremely experienced engineers and accomplished crew. The plants also possess completely equipped laboratories which act round the clock to test diverse grades of concrete at numerous stages.

The mechanized function and quick delivery of RMC aids builders decrease costs, fears of storage, supervisory expenses and project commissioning time. All its plants are armed with identical shaft concrete mixers to guarantee consistent mix. It offers a mingling that is hundred percent scientifically prepared and free from human errors. The aggregates employed in every batch are meticulously cleaned and graded severely according to IS norms. All the exceptional additives employed are branded. In the incident of a request from consumers, it also adds fly ash and GGBS to the mix.

A major advantage of Nagarjuna RMC is its pledge of quality as the plant has sufficient control over the size, shape as well as grade of the aggregates & finest management on water-cement ratio. It has deployed the greatest equipment for transit as well as for pumping concrete. Its pump capacity will shelter as many as 20 storeys thru flexible end to manage the whole area of the slab, successfully avoiding humps. The supple hose pipe fastened at the end of pipeline makes pouring suitable at the point of placing, hence reducing shovelling / dragging and avoiding segregation.

At present, NCL has commissioned 4 plants in Hyderabad and three plants in Visakhapatnam. All these plants are armed with sufficient number of transit mixers thru 6 cubic meters capacity to guarantee non-stop supply.

Why Nagarjuna RMC?

1) The chemical, as well as physical characteristics of raw materials, are examined thoroughly.

2) Matchless flexibility in grades of concrete, transportation as well as logistics.

3) Declaration of consistent quality and quantity for the compulsory grade at any given time.

4) Incessant mechanized operation to guarantee speed at the construction site.

5) Builders are free from fears of ordering, procuring, transporting, and storing in addition to processing the aggregates.

6) Least material wastage in the all-inclusive construction course.

7) Eradicate unnecessary laborers at the work site.

8) Environment-friendly through no dust and pollution.

9) Application coordinators are totally committed to each pumping operation that offers advice regarding placing, compacting, and finishing in addition to curing of concrete.


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