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Benefits of OPC Cement in Construction


Uses And Benefits of OPC Cement

Applications and Benefits of OPC Cement:

Benefits of OPC Cement:

  • OPC cement contains high compressive power in the initial stages.

  • Low alkali content provides healthier protection against alkali-aggregate reactions.

  • High premature strength helps speedy construction.

  • Greater resistance to sulfate attack by reason of less C3A.

  • What are the applications of OPC cement?

  • Its uses comprise pavements as well as sidewalks, reinforced concrete structures, railway structures, tanks, reservoirs, bridges, culverts, sewers, and water pipes in addition to masonry units.

What are the benefits of OPC cement?

Benefits of Ordinary Portland cement:

  • It contains great resistance to cracking as well as shrinkage and nevertheless has less resistance to chemical attacks.

  • The preliminary setting time of OPC is quicker than PPC so it is commended in projects where props are to be eradicated early.

  • The curing period of OPC is less as compared to PPC and curing cost decreases.

Know About OPC Cement and PPC Cement Price

Is OPC cement worthy of concrete?

  • OPC and PPC are both types of cement that are decent for the erection of concrete slabs. OPC is the most universally used cement in industrial along with large construction; PPC is most generally used for small residential constructions. It is used where possibilities of sulfate attack are advanced as it has decent sulfate resistance contrasted to OPC.

Which is cheaper OPC or PPC?

  • PPC produces exceedingly durable concrete since it has low water permeability as evaluated to OPC. PPC has low preliminary setting strength compared to OPC but nevertheless hardens over a period of time with correct curing. And PPC is cheaper also associated with OPC.

Where are OPC and PPC cement applied?

Applications of PPC and OPC:

  • They can be consistently utilized in the building of marine constructions, masonry mortars as well as plastering, and hydraulic structures. Moreover, they are widely used in mass concreting works, for example, dykes, sewage pipes, dams, etc. It is also used in all other applications where OPC is applied.

Is OPC cement first class for plastering?

  • OPC is accessible in the market in 3 grades 33, 43 along with 53. But out of OPC grade, OPC43 is the greatest cement employed for plastering in India for residential buildings plus 53 is the best cement for plastering high-rise structures, it has long-lasting as well as life. But the greatest best cement is OPC 43 employed for plastering work.


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