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Penna Cement OPC and PCC cement Price Today

Penna Cement Price in Hyderabad Telangana today

Penna Cement:Premium Quality Cement

Penna Cement is one of the leading privately held cement firms in India, by an installed cement main part of 10 Million Tonnes Per Annum.

Started in 1991, Penna Cement has recognized itself as one of the most reliable cement brands, with noteworthy footprints in southern as well as western India. Its clientele ranges from small house owners to prearranged real estate developers and from numerous state governments to worldwide construction majors.


Penna Power – PPC Cement

PPC is a special mixed cement as per BIS description, IS: 1489, and is produced through inter-grinding Ordinary Portland Cement clinker by high quality processed fly ash along thru gypsum. By reason of its inherent characteristics, PPC supports in creating corrosion resistant concrete which is far superior to concrete finished with OPC.

Penna Premium – Ordinary Portland Cement (OPC)

OPC, produced primarily by grinding clinker as well as gypsum, is manufactured in 2 varieties at Penna Cement plants.

The Premium OPC 53 Grade Cement
  • Least 28 days strength of 530 Kg/CM2 (53 MPa) IS: 269-2015 ,
  • Great strength to structures due to its finest particle size distribution, crystallized structure along with balanced phase composition.
  • Pre-cast concrete items for instance paving blocks, tiles as well as building blocks, pre-stressed concrete components and main construction projects with special supplies such as bridges, runways, high-rise buildings along with concrete roads
Penna Premium OPC 43 Grade Cement

Smallest 28 days strength of 430 Kg/CM2 (43 MPa) IS: 269-2015, Over-all purpose cement General civil construction work, in the production of pre-cast items for example blocks, pipes and tiles, asbestos products like sheets and pipes and non-structural works similar to plastering and flooring

Penna Concrete Guard

In today’s times, Value aware consumers are willing to pay extra for special products, which solely suit their needs. Understanding this customer behaviour, the company established Penna Concrete Guard (Penna Concrete) as a premium product delivering in the market. This cement is specifically formulated and based on re-engineered pozzolonic cement to offer high performance concrete.

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