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Simple Tips to Make an Outdoor Kitchen Island

Outdoor kitchens are becoming more and more popular among home owners, these days. To be honest, they are a wonderful way to enhance your outdoor space for enjoyment, while the climate is gentle during spring and fall.

Our company has designed numerous outdoor kitchens and living areas in order to make our clients satisfied. Followings are tips to designing the ideal outdoor kitchen and living vicinity:


1.    Know what you desire in an outdoor space
Prior to looking for an expert to design your outdoor space, it’s vital to have a good vision of how you wish for the space to look, the features you’d love it to possess, and the major purpose you will employ it for. Is the chief use going to be cooking as well as eating? If so, you’ll desire to focus on appliances and plenty of counter space for meal prep as well as serving. Or, maybe you plan to merely have a small grill, plus comfortable seating in the region of a fire pit for lounging and relaxing is more of a main concern.


2. Hire the correct contractor:
As with any residence remodeling project, it’s a good scheme to do your research plus have a few consultations before picking a contractor or company to finish the job.


3. Plan for sufficient plumbing and electrical lines:
Outdoor kitchens typically need the same features as an indoor kitchen. Certainly, you probably will not require a dishwasher, a full refrigerator or else a full oven, but a cooktop / grill and sink are general choices.  Fireplaces along with entertainment centers are also in style additions.


4. Select long-lasting flooring:
Along with the extreme elements, outside kitchens as well as living spaces face a lot of wear and tear, like oil or grease build up, surplus moisture, foot traffic, in addition to debris.  Strong and durable flooring like a sealed stone or poured concrete is an ultimate choice for this space. 


5. Fit in outdoor cabinetry:
Because outside structures ought to be strong and long-lasting, metal structures are often employed to house cabinetry and appliances in open-air kitchens. The structure is after that covered in a stone veneer or similar material to go with the style of the space and defend the cabinets, drawers as well as appliances. Your design-build firm is supposed to be able to create a traditional cabinet design to fit the layout along with features of your outdoor kitchen.


6. Choose the exact appliances:
As mentioned, the features as well as appliances incorporated into your outside space are based on your own likings. Most homeowners wish for a grill installed, but some fancy a gas grill while others may wish the traditional charcoal or else wood-burning smoker. You might also think extras, like a pizza oven or a green egg cooker. Once more, it’s necessary to discuss your priorities with your designer earlier than beginning the project.

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