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What should be the ideal length and width of a master bedroom?

What is the average size of a master bedroom?

Whether you're looking for a flat or a new home, I know one of your top considerations will be finding the ideal master bedroom.

It's where you'll not only spend the majority of your time sleeping and relaxing at night, but also where you'll prepare for the day's activities.

Perhaps you've browsed the listings or taken a few tours of suitable homes. You're still thinking about the typical size of a master bedroom.

There are several elements that can influence the size of a master bedroom. Some of these factors are the size of the house, the budget, and personal preferences. The typical size of a master bedroom in the United States is between 224 and 350 square feet.


Many factors might influence the size of a master bedroom. Here are some things to think about. These facts can help you better comprehend the average master bedroom size.

House Size

The size of the home can influence the size of the master bedroom. The master bedroom is often larger as the size of the residence increases. And vice versa: the smaller the house, the smaller the master bedroom. So, larger homes with more square footage have larger rooms than smaller dwellings.

Standard or average master bedroom proportions are often seen in houses ranging from 2,000 to 2500 square feet. According to Doorways Magazine, a new home spanning less than 2,500 square feet has an average master bedroom size of 224 square feet. The master bedrooms in these homes are 14% larger than the other bedrooms. 


The master bedroom's size is also determined by the budget. The master bedroom, like the bathroom and kitchen, can be a selling feature for a potential tenant or homeowner when choosing a home. So it makes sense to save enough money and resources for the master bedroom so that it is more luxurious than any other bedroom. 

Personal Preference

You have your own ideas or preferences for what you want to see in your master bedroom, particularly if you are constructing it yourself. Some individuals want to have plenty of extra space with enormous walk-in closets, while others choose to use that space for a more luxurious master bathroom with all the amenities. It is up to you to determine how to design and decorate your master bedroom. So, personal choices have a significant impact on the size of the average master bedroom. 

WHY IS IT CALLED THE MASTER BEDROOM? What is the Master Bedroom?

Historically, the real estate business has referred to a home's largest bedroom as the "master bedroom" or "master suite." However, given America's terrible history with slavery, there has been a recent request to refrain from using those terms in order to avoid offending any individual or group.

More and more real estate professionals have stopped using the moniker completely. As a sign of good faith and professionalism, they now prefer to refer to this area as the "primary" or "main" bedroom or suite. According to The List, the hosts of home design television shows and programs refer to the main bedroom as the "primary suite."

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