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TNPL Cement: Power Bond Cement with Superior Strength


TNPL Cement: From Waste to Wealth


TNPL has been active in the paper industry for a long time. It is in fact the first mill in this industry in the country, manufacturing cement by reapplying inorganic solid wastes such as lime sludge from the paper mill’s soda recovery plant along with fly ash from power plant to prepare high-grade cement.

The group aspires to generate a circular economy model which minimizes pollution-led harm and enhances positive environmental influence. With the building of TNPL’s Unit-II packaging board plant at Mondipatti utilizing the cement produced by TNPL cement plant, it materializes the circular economy.

By optimizing resources and applying pollutant by-products from TNPL’s other plants into producing cement, it creates a strong clean and unpolluted environment.

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The group claims two cement varieties fulfilling to different use cases. Armed with improved strength, permanence and high resistance, both the products are produced from meticulously segregated as well as high-picked high-reactive fly-ash.

These are produced from the solid waste discharged from both the paper mill and Packaging Board’s power plant, the cement is acknowledged for its enhanced workability and superior compression strength.

TNPL Power Bond:

It is perfect for multistory buildings, marine area construction, and underground works, masonry works, plastering works, roof concrete, beams and columns and so on.

TNPL Power Pack:

It is perfect for roads, bridges, culverts, hollow blocks, multistory buildings, pavement blocks, roof concrete as well as column works.

Product Class and Product Development:

From sourcing, the greatest class raw materials to optimize raw material blending and process controls thru Distributed Control System, all the operations at the cement comply with stringent class controls to manufacture the best result.

Its Class Control Department organizes hourly tests to optimize particle size control and leverages XRF analyzer to optimize the chemical composition of the raw blend.

In addition to recording its innovation in cement producing as pioneers, its certifications testify its ardent commitment towards environment preservation as well as employee safety.


Adding Worth to Concrete Wealth

Waste to wealth is the formation ideology for the cement plant of TNPL. Its reliable commitment to environmental management commanded to repurposing the high-reactivity fly-ash along with lime sludge from its paper mill as well as board plant power plant into the high-grade cement it manufactures these days.


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