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Ultra Power Cement: Quality Cement for Construction


Ultra Power Cement: An Emblem of Strength

Ultra Power Cement is PPC 43 Grade Cement. Its incredible results tell the story of its matchless excellence. The below mentioned discussion will be able to illustrate this statement in a more clear way:

Can we employ 43 Grade cement for plastering?

OPC 43 is the number 1 cement for plastering both outer and inner walls of low residential buildings. In addition to this, OPC 53 is number 1 for plastering high rise buildings.

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What is 43 Grade cement employed for?

Unless a project needs very high strength cement, the application of 43 Grade OPC is generally suggested in general civil construction work like residential, commercial and industrial constructions. It is used in RCC works, first where the grade of concrete is up to M-30.

What is actually PPC cement grade?

PPC is a category of blended cement. It entails 15 to 35% pozzolanic material, 4% gypsum and the balance is clinker. PPC as per BIS code is alike to that of 33 grade.

What is variance between PPC and 43 Grade cement?

The chemical composition of OPC 33, OPC 43 in addition to OPC 53 grades is same nevertheless the higher grade cements are much stronger as well as long lasting. While the compressive strength of PPC matches with the same of 33 Grade OPC at present, according to BIS specification.

Which cement are better 43 or 53?

OPC 53 sets faster than OPC 43 and has a quite low preliminary setting time. It is used in buildings where quick strength gain is compulsory like large load bearing structures similar to bridges, huge buildings, etc. OPC 43 conversely doesn't set so rapidly and has a normal initial as well as final setting time.

Is 43 Grade cement wonderful for house construction?

43 Grade OPC Cement is endorsed for masonry works, plastering, tiling, Non-RCC structures, pathways etc. where first days strength is not of prime importance. PPC is best standby to OPC 43.

What is main difference between OPC and PPC cement?

PPC concrete has greater strength than OPC concrete in the due course of time. OPC generates additional heat than PPC in hydration reaction which creates it less fit for mass casting. It actually has a slow hydration process as well as thus generates lower heat than OPC. OPC concrete is less long-lasting in aggressive weather.


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