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Vitrified tiles vs. Granite: Fundamental Information

The accurate flooring kind for your home can assist realizes the style you’re going for as well as increase its whole value. To find the finest one then, it is imperative to compare as well as contrast the options offered in the bazaar. Vitrified tiles vs. granite, for instance, compare with each other for the reason that homeowners favour them as flooring natures for homes. Here’s a small direction on how the two flooring varieties charge in categories for example cost, durability in addition to style.

Vitrified tiles vs Granite

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Vitrified tiles:

These tiles fall in the class of ceramic tiles as well as are nearly non-porous. They’re unaffected to frost as well as water, which marks them a great preference for the out-of-doors.


Not like vitrified tiles, which are manmade, it is a naturally designed rock. It shows a grainy texture as well as comes in a multiplicity of shades depending on the minerals that controlled to its formation.

Style differences between vitrified tiles and granite flooring

  • Vitrified tiles offer a look of uniformity to the eye in pattern as well as colour for the reason that they’re artificially built. Granite, on the other hand, is shaped in nature and thus displays unique gradations as well as changes in shade and pattern.
  • These tiles are naturally water-resistant; however granite needs an extra layer of sealant to create it water-resistant. Nonetheless, granite is often chosen for its rich colours along with pigmented finish. 
  • To the degree that vitrified tiles vs. granite is there, here are a few additional factors to think through:

Cost comparison between vitrified tiles and granite flooring

  • Among the greatest common flooring kinds out there, vitrified tiles are categorically less overpriced while associated with granite. These ceramic tiles are formed in bulk and available since tiles that can be reduced to size of your own inclination. 
  • Granite is the additional expensive of the two for the reason that it’s a natural stone as well as is harder to source. Homeowners ought to also factor in the rate of installation for the reason that granite is so heavy; it frequently wants sub-flooring for support.

Durability of vitrified tiles and granite flooring 

  • Strong as well as resistant to water, frost as well as spill, vitrified tiles are seamless for the kitchen. This denotes there’s no requirement to worry about the evolution of fungus or bacteria. They as well hold up well under severe sunlight and don’t fail. Nevertheless, vitrified tiles do need further care to stop peeling; heavy objects falling on the surface might cause flaw dents that can’t be occupied in.
  • Granite as a flooring kind has an eternal value, even subsequent to heavy use, as well as is one of the toughest natural stones we see. As soon as sealed, it becomes extremely resistant to tints, heat, acids in addition to water, making it a clever selection for bathrooms as well as kitchens. On the other hand, the surface tends to turn out to be quite slippery while wet and is tremendously hard, both of which can show the way to injury if somebody falls. 

Style differences between vitrified tiles and granite flooring

  • Vitrified tiles present an identical surface in terms of dye as well as hue, which denotes having a consistently painted surface is easier. In the meantime it’s finished artificially; there is a lot further variety in pattern, texture as well as warmth. 
  • Nevertheless, the natural inflexions in granite create it over-the-top and become an exclusive focal point. Despite the fact the colour scheme might be restricted; the blend of minerals in the surface enhances delicate texture. 
  • In the end, the leader of the flooring kind’s battle depends on the appearance you’re going for. Decided, vitrified tiles are the cheaper of the two, nevertheless granite contributes off the luxurious appeal which can’t be beaten!


Choosing the right flooring for your home can have a significant impact on its overall style and value. Comparing and contrasting different options, such as vitrified tiles and granite, can help you make an informed decision based on factors such as cost, durability, and style. While vitrified tiles are less expensive and more uniform in appearance, granite offers a unique, natural beauty and superior durability. Ultimately, the choice depends on your personal preferences and the look you're going for.


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