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What is the most Popular tiles for Bathroom?

Tiles are widely used in bathroom as they keep away water and are easy to clean with potent cleaners to destroy germs, bacteria and mold along with other nastiness.

While choosing bathroom tiles in gurgaon, factors such as appearance, strength plus cost should be taken into consideration. Moreover, the bathroom tiles must be water resistant, anti-skid and trouble-free to maintain so as to stop growth of bacteria, germs in addition to mould. Following are tile alternatives for the bathroom flooring.

What are natural stone tiles?

Give an everlasting look to your bathroom by way of natural stone materials such as limestone, slate along with travertine. Natural stone is strong, long-lasting plus features attractive grain patterns which craft it aesthetically pleasing. These materials are obtainable as stone slabs which are actually machine-cut into rectangular as well as square tiles.

How to use Ceramic well and Porcelain Tiles?

These are the most admired tiling materials that can be employed for bathroom flooring since they are reasonably priced, scratch resistant, long lasting, maintenance free as well as non-porous in nature. One more advantage is that these tiles are on hand in a variety of colors, shapes, textures, finishes along with designs.

Does glass tile show water spots?

These bestow a luxurious and spacious glance to the bathroom for the reason that they have a glowing surface which reflects a lot of light. It is worthwhile to go for textured glass since it forms an anti-skid surface plus the flooring does not turn out to be slippery when wet. Glass tiles are really water resistant, low in maintenance, stain resistant and slow down the growth of mould as well as mildew.

How do you restore old Terracotta Tiles?

Provide a warm, earthy with rustic look to your bathroom by way of terracotta tiles which come in shades of red as well as orange. These are locally finished from red or else brown clay which are dried as well as fired at high temperatures in the furnace. Terracotta tiles are highly porous as well as need to be sealed at times to prevent staining as well as moisture absorption.

What tiles to use for Mosaic?
These are small in size plus can be prepared from materials such as glass, ceramic as well as natural stone. The greatest part about mosaic tiles is that they can be merged and matched to form beautiful flooring as well as wall patterns. Note that the several grout lines that are created for the duration of the installation of mosaic tiles generate an anti-skid floor surface.

Cement Tiles Bathroom wall

Cement tiles are actually handmade and are also identified as encaustic cement tiles. These are tough, durable and contain a naturally rough surface which builds them slip-proof. These tiles are accessible in bold colors, recent patterns and conventional designs which impart a cultural look to the bathroom.

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