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Various tiles brand, price, supplier and dealers in India


Floor Tiles Price in India

Well-liked Floor Tiles Categories

Min Retail cost

Max Retail cost

1.      Wooden Floor Tiles

Rs.37/sq. feet

Rs.226 /sq. feet

2.      Living Room Floor Tiles

Rs.34 /sq. feet

Rs.323 /sq. feet

3.      Kitchen Floor Tiles

Rs.34 /sq. feet

Rs.275 / sq. feet

4.      3D Floor Tiles

Rs.64 /sq. feet

Rs.264 /sq. feet


Total price of tiles:

Rate analysis for Ceramic tile flooring

In case, rate of ceramic tile is Rs.55/square foot, then total price of 112 sq ft ceramic tiles required for 100 sq ft flooring = 112× 55 = Rs.6160, for that reason cost of Ceramic tiles desired for 100 sq ft tile flooring is approximately Rs.6160.


Costly Tiles:

 Most Luxurious Tiles in The World

  1. Blue Glow In The Dark Pool Tiles.
  2. Pietra Firma Luxtouch.
  3. Ballina Glazed Fish Scale Tile.
  4. Ultraslim Mk2 Gioia White Polished Tile. It is considered as one of the most exclusive tiles. Carried by National Tiles is this moderately understating white tile for $165/sqm. .


Cost of Kajaria floor tiles:

Kajaria Floor Tiles Price Range

Number of Products (Percentage)

Rs 38 to 57


Rs 57 to 86


Rs 86 to130



Cost of wall tiles in India:


Min Cost

Max Cost

10-15 mm

Rs 40/Square Feet

Rs 40/Square Feet

5-10 mm

Rs 95/Box

Rs 150/Box

5-10 mm

Rs 28/Square Feet

Rs 380/Square Feet

0-5 mm

Rs 125/Box

Rs 230/Box


Finest tiles for flooring:

For flooring, Vitrified tiles are the finest bet since they are tough and can endure heavy traffic. For walls, you can select either ceramic or porcelain tiles since they are non-porous or else do not take up stains. For outdoors it's best to choose either matt finish or anti-skid tiles to stay away from slips.


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