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TMT Steel Bars

The abbreviation for TMT is Thermo-Mechanically Treated. Hence, these Thermo-Mechanically Treated bars are high-strength reinforcement bars containing a tough outer core plus a soft inner core. The very initial step of the manufacturing procedure involves passing the steel wires all the way through a rolling mill stand. After that, these rolled steel wires are once more passed through the Tempcore water cooling system. At the same time as passing the wires in the course of the water cooling method, the water pressure is optimized. The rapid quenching along with drastic change in temperature toughens the external layer of the steel bar, hence making it super tough and long-lasting. Once this process is ended, the TMT bars are focused to atmospheric cooling. This is done for equalizing the temperature difference between the soft inner core as well as the tough exterior. Just the once the TMT bar cools down, it gradually turns into a ferrite-pearlite mass. The internal core remains soft providing the TMT bar great tensile strength as well as elongation point. This design is exclusive to the TMT bars and presents superior ductility to the bars. In addition, this unique manufacturing practice and the absence of Cold stress create this bar corrosion-resistant and heighten its weld ability.

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