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List of Best quality TMT Brand in India

Best TMT Bars in India


1. Tata Tiscon SD

Tata Tiscon SD (Super Ductile) re-bars are in fact India’s leading TMT Steel re-bars, prepared with a pioneering automated manufacturing method. These re-bars can soak up large amounts of pressure, tolerate great weight as well as stand strong, as opposed to normal re-bars. Therefore it is at 1st rank in the record of top 10 TMT bars in our country.



It is one of the top 10 TMT bars in India. It has outstanding bending ability, first-class welding ability along with high fatigue resistance on dynamic loading. This rebar is particularly suited for RCC construction in corrosion plus earthquake prone zone.


3. Tata Tiscon 500D:

Tata Tiscon 500D is one of the top ten most excellent TMT bars in India. It is a very high strength ribbed TMT bar. It has brilliant ductility, high bending ability, superior corrosion resistance, better welding ability and higher long life compare to usual bars.


4. Jindal Panther TMT steel bar

The TMT bar is produced through most recent on-line high yield quenching as well as self tempering (HYQST) technology. This TMT rebar contains a soft ferrite and pearlite fine grained core, elevated ductility as well as strength. These qualities make this Fe 550D TMT bar perfect for high rises, dams, bridges, personal houses.


5. Kamdhenu TMT steel bar

It is a next generation interlock steel TMT bar. This TMT contains double angle rib pattern for tough interlock bonding through concrete paste. These bars are heat, earthquake as well as corrosion resistant since they are tensile, ductile along with quite strong.


 6. JSW TMT steel bar

It is also in the register of top 10 TMT bars in India for residence construction. It has the uppermost grade of purity as well as lowest sulphur and phosphorous content. This property enhances the strength, ductility in addition to elongation of the steel TMT.


7. Essar Steel TMT bar

It has upper yield strength as well as tensile strength compared to IS standards. The consistent along with thick layers of tempered martensitic rib pattern on the external surface of the TMT bar make certain better bonding with concrete paste plus prevent strength loss at sky-scraping temperatures.


8. SRMB Steel bar

The bar is resistant to earthquake and decomposition. It has tremendous shock absorbing potential which comes from its superb bendy factors. It has the capacity to absorb large quantities of pressure, bear great weight as well as stand strong.


9. Shyam TMT Steel bar

These re-bars are the unparalleled quality support bars with homogeneous and matching rib pattern which guarantee outstanding quality, welding competence, malleability, and curve competence.


10. Vizag TMT steel bar

These bars are homogeneously ribbed. They can deal with any climate condition. They are hard in structure and promise a more drawn out maintainability phase to the client. As a result VIZAG TMT 500D bar is one of the most excellent TMT bars in India.


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