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12mm TMT

In case you have ever seen a building built around you and you observed the thin straw kind of steel bars hanging inside the concrete that is actually the TMT Bar. It works as a solid as well as steady force in the concrete. It provides a boost and power to the concrete. It has higher strength pooled with higher ductility.

Contrasting to steel/ CTD reinforcement bars, these TMT bars have elevated thermal stability. They are the favored choice when elevated temperatures of four hundred to six thousand degree centigrade may be come across (Chimneys, fires).


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Tmt Bars is used when

Building Superstructure

Lot of Material Required to build Super structure. Comaron Gurgaon provides you all the product related to Super structure for any construction.

Laying Down Foundation

Foundation work is important for any construction. Comaron Gurgaon provides complete Solution for Foundation work