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3BHK house construction plan

3 BHK Plan for your House

Your house is the dwelling of your sweet dreams. Your 3 BHK flat can accommodate your entire family in an efficient way. A 3 BHK house plan means that there are three bedrooms, one Hall along with one Kitchen

First class size for a 3BHK bungalow map:

There isn’t any such first size. But in case, you are planning for a 3 BHK bungalow arrangement, go for minimum an average size of 1500 sq ft. This will assist you to get spacious livable rooms which are suitable for an independent house.

Features/Design Options in your three bedroom residence:

In addition to open floor layouts, flexible spaces, as well as large windows, the fundamental features of these homes take in kitchen islands, walk-in pantry, snack bars, one to two bathrooms, habitually a half bath, porches, mudroom/laundry room, decks, Jack and Jill bathroom as well as attached garage.


Standard house plan for your quarters:

A house plan is a compilation of construction or working drawings (sometimes recognized as blueprints) that delineate all the construction terms of a residential house for example the dimensions, layouts, materials, setting up techniques and methods.


House plan comprises of:

  • Exterior Elevations. Other than the front exterior, your drawing set will take account of drawings of the rear and sides of your residence as well.
  • Roof Plan.
  • Foundation Plan.
  • Floor Plan(s).
  • Notes and Details Page(s).
  • Building Sections.
  • Beam Calculation Pack.


Factors to be kept in mind while making your house plan:

Among the things to consider at what time designing a house is the size of your family, the number of persons utilizing a room along with the amount of space each room should engage. While there are suggested measurements for each room in your house, it can be changed depending on your necessities.

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