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Flooring Options: Pros and Cons

Followings are common kinds of flooring options used in today’s homes.

  1. Hardwood

Hardwood has been one of the most common flooring options around for decades, appreciations to no small part to its spectacular effect and the ageless quality that it can bring to your household.

Pros: Hardwood has a lovely appearance, and also assists add value to your home.

Cons: On top of its tall expenditure, hardwood also isn’t very robust. It’s prone to scratches, dents, as well as water damage.

  1. Laminate

Laminate flooring is becoming regularly popular as a hardwood alternative, because it deals an almost similar look at a cheaper price and with additional durability.

Pros: Laminate is temperately reasonable to purchase and have professionally fitted, and can be adapted to offer the appearance of a wide range of flooring alternatives.

Cons: The plywood or else fibre board utilized to make laminate flooring is likely to water damage, and because it can be hard to repair, you’ll nearly certainly have to entirely replace the laminate in a part where there’s been any kind of standing water.

  1. Engineered Wood

For another flooring choice that appears like hardwood but offers extra durability at a lower price, consider engineered wood.

Pros: Engineered wood is more stable as compared to hardwood while offering the exact same look.

Cons: While it’s additional resistant to damage in the first place as compared to hardwood, engineered wood can still consume a beating over time. Regrettably, though, it can merely be refinished a couple of times since that upper layer is so thin, which ultimately means you’ll have to substitute it if and when damage takes place.

  1. Vinyl

There are multiple forms of vinyl flooring, and each of them bid something a little bit different.

Pros: You’ve got a diversity of options while it comes to vinyl, which lets you to work this choice into a lot of budgets.

Cons: All flooring options partake a lifespan, with vinyl’s being a bit lower as compared to that of wood and tile.


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